Extras Casting

Casting Directors for NM Background

Register through their websites, respond to casting notices via email.

Elizabeth Gabel Casting

Email: castingabq@gmail.com

Assistant: Mary Bowen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/egcasting/

Lorrie Latham

Email: work@lathamcasting.com

Assistant: Jyl Smith Murray

Website: Lathamcasting.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lathamcasting/?ref=py_c

Robert Baxter Casting

Email: robertbaxtercasting@gmail.com

Assistant: Denita Wolf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RobertBaxterCasting/

Kathyrn Wamego

Email: kathryn@whiteturtlecasting.com

Website: whiteturtlecasting.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/White-Turtle-Casting-1794868600762877/

On Location Casting, LLC

Email: olcnewmexico@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/onlocationcasting

Sande Alessi Casting

Email: sandealessinm@gmail.com

Representatives: Sande Alessi, Shayne Hartigan and Mischa De Walt

Website: SandeAlessiCasting.com

Facebook: facebook.com/castingnewmexico

Julie Ann Barbarito (Running Wolf Talent)

Email: runningwolftalent@gmail.com

Contact: Julie Barbarito

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Running-Wolf-Talent-Casting-533905199966884/

LK Productions

Contact: Leonard Kagan

Email: Lkagan505@gmail.com

Cell: 505-415-6907

Website: https://lkproductions.info

How to Register

Go to each Casting Director’s WEBSITE and fill out your profile information to be included in their database.

To respond to a casting call:

  • Casting calls will appear on NM Film Office website (nmfilm.com under Public Interest—Casting Calls or Bulletin Board) or NM Film based Facebook pages. When you see a casting call that you fit the requirements for, submit to the email listed on the call out. Do not facebook message or text a casting director unless they reach out to you. All submissions follow the same directive, via email.
  • Our casting directors are extremely busy people, please only email them to submit to a casting call.
  • Please read the post carefully before submitting: IF YOU DO NOT FIT DO NOT SUBMIT!

What to submit:

  • Head shot plus full body photo
  • Cell # and email
  • Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color
  • Vehicle- make, year and color

Once you get the call:

  • If you confirm, you are committed, make sure you show up. Treat it as a job, you are now employed by the production.
  • Inquire where the scene is being shot, in order to make arrangements, as it may be hours before you receive your confirmation.
  • You will receive information the evening before your day on set via email links: Listed will be your call time, directions, map, costume guidelines, camera ready (you do your own hair and makeup) or if hair and make-up will be done by the hair and makeup department. If you are asked to bring your own wardrobe the costume department would like you to wear your first choice and bring 2-3 options…no black, red white or logos. If you are working on a “period” piece you will either be scheduled a fitting before the day of shooting or fitted the day on set this varies by production.
  • Be sure you open and read all information they send you, you are responsible for all of it.

Be ready for set:

  • Make sure you have two forms of identification: NM Driver’s License, SS Card, US passport, resident alien card, Film Residency Card
  • Set: arrive 30 – 15 minutes prior to time posted (on time is considered late), look for “basecamp” “extras” parking signs. This is where you will park and generally catch a van to “holding.” This is your destination for the day, check in with the Production Assistant (PA). Checking in includes receiving your paperwork, if it is your first day on a production you will return to the PA with your paper work for verification with your proof of residency ID cards.
  • Report to wardrobe and makeup/hair as directed by PA.
  • Take your paperwork with you to wardrobe-If wardrobe outfits you they will hold onto your paperwork until the end of day and will give it back to you when you return the wardrobe items.
  • Bring something to keep you occupied, a book, a tablet or cellphone with headphones…cell phones are permitted in holding area ONLY.
  • Your PA or 1st AD will explain what the scene is about and what you need to know when all are processed, this is referred to as “Story Time.” Listen carefully to all instructions given.
  • Settle in, it’s going to be a great day!

On Set:

  • Please remain in holding until you hear “all Background” or you are picked by PA to report “to set”
  • The PA or an Assistant Director (AD) will bring you on to the set and place you for the scene; this is your “one.”
  • They will give you directions on movement and pantomiming if required so listen carefully.
  • Wait for a cue, this will be “rolling” for production, then followed by “background” or “action” depending on the set, pay attention so you will know which prompt is being used that day.
  • The first run through will be a rehearsal for the director, when you hear “cut”, return to your “one” and prepare for repeating the action you have done. You may receive additional direction at this point, again this is all part of setting up the scene. Sometimes you will be asked to return to holding at this point as they set the principal actors, so remember where you were placed on the set.
  • If you remain on set, please remain quiet between takes. There are many conversations between crew and cast between set ups and they appreciate not being distracted. Even if you are not on camera please remain silent anytime you hear “rolling” until you hear “cut.” You will be told when it is your scene is done and asked to return to holding.
  • When it is time for lunch/dinner breaks this will be announced by your PA and you will return to holding.
  • Cast and crew will be fed first or there will be a separate food line for background. Again, your PA will direct you accordingly.


  • Never, never “camera chase”. Do not take yourself off your mark to be closer to the action. There are many cameras on set shooting from different angles so relax and just act naturally.
  • Even though it is hard to not be star struck, never address an actor even between takes. Most are in their element or character, if they address you please keep your response short.
  • If you need to take a break, let the PA know where you are going, never leave the set without the ok from them. By the time the scene is filmed you have been established in the shot, they will advise you accordingly.
  • No photography is allowed on set, please leave your cellphone in holding or turn them off on set.
  • Holding may be a tent/room close to set, if you can hear directions from set they can hear you. Stop all conversation when you hear rolling until you hear cut.
  • Do not ask the PA for an estimated time for a wrap, you have committed yourself for the day. Be prepared for 8 to ? hours.
  • If you have hair and makeup done for you, do not change it, they are going for an overall look.

“That’s a wrap!”

  • This directive applies to you only when you hear this from your PA. There may be extra scenes involving background to be done. When you have confirmed you are wrapped with the first PA return to holding first.
  • Changing rooms are usually located in the holding area. Change back into your street clothes and prepare to return your items to costume trailer. Please be considerate, button your clothes back onto hangers in the “Question mark” direction, which is the way you received them. Gather any other items such as shoes, belts etc. and report to costume trailer to return and obtain your paperwork for check out. If you were issued a prop, seek out the prop department to return those items as well.
  • If you were not costumed, you may get into line with your paperwork to be signed out. Again, this will probably be the PA and second PA expediting the line, you will receive the “pink” copy for your records.
  • You may be asked to return the next day to complete the scene or be on the set the next scene.
  • Gather all your items making certain you have everything you came with that morning and head out to the vans ready to return you to basecamp and your vehicle.
  • Please be careful, many times you have worked an 8-12-hour day. If you have a long drive ahead of you stop and get a coffee at a convenience store. For far flung locations ride sharing is suggested.
  • Do not post photos or any information from your day: location, project name etc. You have signed a “confidentiality agreement” and posting is considered a breach of contract. Photos may be shared the day following the screening or premiere of the series or movie.
  • It will take 10 to 12 days to receive your check from the payroll company. This is not a hard-fast rule, on a new production the wait may be longer. It is good practice to match up your payroll stub to your pink slip and staple them together to keep track of the days you worked. Casting Directors are not responsible for payroll, that is a production department issue. If over 30 days, please contact the company on the top of your pink slip.
  • Please contact the NMFO if you do not receive an answer from the production 505-476-5600.