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June 2013
Thanks to the fire fighting personnel working across New Mexico.
We appreciate their efforts.  We also appreciate productions working with the parks and their permitting processes, particularly under these conditions.  Be safe! 

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New Mexico Filmmakers Experience
June 30th, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
This month's panel of local filmmakers will share their cultural perspective and filmmaking experiences as Hispanics. Come hear this eclectic group of filmmakers discuss filming in New Mexico. On the panel are Cynthia Jeanette Gomez, Diego Lopez, Kara Sachs, Alisa Lynn Valdes and Conrad Gomez. Click here for more details.
Save the Date!
The 2013 New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase is coming this fall
The New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase is an opportunity for resident filmmakers to see their films on the big screen with an audience. Winning films from each category are then traveled around the state creating great exposure for our local filmmakers. The Showcase will be October 25-27 at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque. Submissions will be accepted starting August. Stay tuned for details. 
Roswell Filmfest Digital Shootout
June 28th - 30th, Roswell, New Mexico
It's a one-of-a-kind film contest held in Roswell each summer in conjunction with the Sci-Fi Film Festival. Five short film scripts are chosen from hundreds sent by writers from around the world. The five screenplays selected are produced in a week's time by production teams competing to win "Best Film." Now you might think that would be a piece of cake! But wait a minute...the budget is only $1500 per team, provided by the sponsors of the Shootout. Not a lot of money to produce a top-quality short film, but it can be done.
Films will be screened Saturday, June 29th, at 7:30 pm. More information is available on their website.
Contact Dirk Norris regarding the film
office's Local Outreach Initiatives.
Production Report
Production Activity
Currently, we have four major features in production (two of which are about to wrap) and one television series. Two other features are currently in prep.  The Homesman, Cosmos, Enemy Way and Jane's Got a Gun have wrapped.  We anticipate at least two serious inquires coming to fruition over the next month or so.  Click here for recent press releases.
Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI)
The New Mexico Film Office is gearing up for the annual AFCI Locations Tradeshow in Los Angeles, June 27-29.  The Albuquerque Film Office, the Otero Film Office and the Santa Fe Film Office are three local AFCI members who will be joining us in promoting and marketing our state to the industry at this event.  The New Mexico Film Office has had a consistent presence at this essential tradeshow for over ten years. Coming to the LA Convention Center this weekend?  Look for end booths #520/#421. For more information about this event, visit  
Residency for the Purposes of the Film Tax Credit
A reminder to crew about residency:   the Declaration of Residency (DOR) a legal document. Even if a crew member signs this form,  to be a resident, one must have filed a NM tax return as a full-time, in-state resident in order to qualify towards the tax credit. Owning property does not equate to residency for this incentive. Payments to production employees that file as an out-of-state resident or part-time resident will not qualify for this program. If you have not filed a state return in NM but plan to do so, check "First Year Resident." The production may require additional information for those who have yet to file. If a crew member's payroll is "kicked-out" during the Tax & Rev internal review of production expenses, and it was submitted because the production company was under the impression that crew member is a NM resident, this hurts our industry.

For information about the Refundable Film Production Tax Credit visit or contact Tobi Ives.
Logistics of Creative Filmmaking
NM Film & Media Conference, May 2013
As part of the follow up to our conference in May, we are continuing discussions with our panelists.  One take-away from the "Logistics of Creative Filmmaking" panel was that it could have really been an all day seminar!  Below are key points from recent conversations with two of our local producers on maintaining the quality of your project during physical production.


Panelist Alicia J. Keyes started AJK FILMS to develop character and story-driven feature films that explore and connect with specific target audience groups, but that also have strong crossover potential due to their universal storylines and creative marketing hooks. Keyes works with both established and up-and-coming filmmakers who have unique voices and passionate ideas. AJK Films' development slate of films is influenced by Keyes' previous experience as an acquisition's executive at The Walt Disney Company, where she was the Executive Director of Worldwide Acquisitions and Co-productions (1999-2003). During that time, Keyes was responsible for the acquisition of theatrical motion pictures for distribution on behalf of the studio.

"The Director and Producer should always function as a team - like a married couple. If there is any dirty laundry, fight it out behind closed doors and make up before the next day."


"We always feel we can shoot more than is actually doable in a day. Setups take longer than you think! Even if you make your day, it exhausts the crew for the next day and compromises the movie. Manage your days properly and listen to what your A.D feels is feasible."


"[On Blaze You Out],everyone went above and beyond because we were not only making a movie, we were making a New Mexico movie. That meant a lot to everyone. Lots of love and a lots of long nights. Also, because it was a low budget indie, people just helped out wherever they could and didn't worry about titles."


"Making movies is a fluid process. Errors shouldn't be thought of as mistakes, but as opportunities for a different path. [On Blaze You Out], we didn't have anything that affected continuity, but we did crash a car. Our amazing stunt actress was fortunately tougher than the car. Big love to A. Midthunder!"


Panelist Alan Trever has been actively involved   in photography, advertising, film and television for over ten years. Trever established a film program at the Eastern University of New Mexico Roswell that serves as a training ground for below-the-line film technicians. In 2002, Alan began serving as a local Production Coordinator for many films and television crews that came through Roswell, creating opportunities for hands-on training for his students. By 2003, Alan had worked in various capacities with a number of companies, such as Lion's Gate, Paramount, ABC Family, Discovery Channel and NBC.


"The biggest mistake newer filmmakers make is thinking that they have more money than they actually do.  [New filmmakers] tend to not budget properly which affects project quality."


"[Filmmakers] have to pay attention to OSHA rules. [Producers and ADs] must make sure everyone is certified on set. Everybody has to understand that all it takes is one accident. Insurance does not cover everything." 


"Communication is vital.  A daily conversation need to take place. The Producer should make the Director very aware of when they are making their days and when they are not. They need to have a dynamic that fosters a give-and-take relationship, a level playing field.  The Producer should meet every element of artistic vision the Director has but maintain a safe working environment and stay in budget."


"[On the production The Rambler]  was a mixture of professionals  and film students. Students were trained by professions. The film was great learning experience for students because the location changed everyday. It was a great lesson on how to pack up each day and get to the next location effectively."


"Make sure filmmaking is fun. Always have something fun or dynamic on-set so people enjoy being there. A special food, a game or give- away. It is also cool if people have some sort of connection to the film other than just a credit and a paycheck. Make sure the crew knows that some one cares about that connection." 

The Governor's Council on Film & Media
The next meeting is scheduled for today, June 26th, in Albuquerque.
Council members are: 


Members Title
Greg Hewett Key Grip
Ann Lerner Director: Albuquerque Film Office
Rick Clemente CEO I-25 Studios
Teri Farley Animator/ Emerging Media Specialist
Talia Kosh Attorney 
Stephen Rooney CEO Rooney Moon Broadcasting
Kara Sachs Writer/Director/Producer
Chris Eyre Dept Chair SFUAD Film Program
Alicia Keyes Owner AJK Films
Rajeev Nirmalakhandan Writer/Director

For more information contact (505) 476-5604

or visit the Governor's website



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