Becoming Eduardo


Title: Becoming Eduardo
Studio: Open Range Pictures/Open Range Productions
Year Produced: 2008
Year Released: 2009
Genre: Drama
Director: Rod McCall
Writer: Rod McCall
Cast: Elizabeth Peña, A Martinez, Seth Adkins, Josh Cruze, Julian Alcaraz, Gary Perez, Paula Sorge, Mike Dunay, Delana Michaels, Elizabeth Blanco, Irene Oliver-Lewis, Keith D. Cunningham, Megan McQueen, Holly Riddle, Chris Nuñez, Alex Harding, Manuel Chavez, Mariah Tallent.
Location: Hillsboro, Truth or Consequences
Additional Information: Notes: Becoming Eduardo won the 2009 Santa Fe Film Festival’s Tamalewood Award for Best Filmmaking in New Mexico and the award for Best Latin Film.
Poster: Open Range Pictures

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