The Industry Forum

The Industry Forum is a new workforce development program to train New Mexico background workers in the film and television industry. The program will be free to New Mexico residents. Those who participate in the program will learn about the film industry and how to be a professional background actor from experts in the industry.

 More information on The Industry Forum background actor training program can be found by clicking HERE for the upcoming class Saturday December 19, 2020 and at

Intimacy Coordinator Training Program

Meant to increase safety on sets in New Mexico and to prepare individuals in New Mexico’s film and television industry to work as Intimacy Coordinators in full-length feature film and television productions upon completion of the training. 

Partnership between NMFO and the Intimacy Professionals Association (IPA) Intimacy Coordinator Training Program, taught by Amanda Blumenthal.

The training program is a sixteen-week course of online training, as well as a capstone weekend choreography workshop (pending COVID-19 restrictions). Students will learn the trade of intimacy coordination through a combination of lectures, assigned readings, experiential practices, homework assignments, quizzes, and mentorship. This training cohort may include up to twelve participants, of which, up to three spots in the program will be reserved exclusively for trainees from New Mexico. The New Mexico Film Office, with use of workforce development funds, will cover 60% of tuition for up to three New Mexico residents who are accepted to the IC training program.

A virtual information session was held on December 15, 2020. The recording is available here: New Mexico Film Office – YouTube

The Intimacy Coordinator training program will begin on February 7, 2021.

Applications can be found at Training — Intimacy Professionals Association and are due by January 10, 2021.

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