National Parks & Monuments

U.S. Forest Service 

The U.S. Forest Service manages 9 million acres of forest lands on seven national forests in New Mexico. The forest Service philosophy is to make location sites on national forests available for commercial photography, motion picture and television locations where such uses do not seriously impact forest resources or other uses or unreasonably interfere with national forest management. Permits are granted by the local Forest Ranger District Office. The permit process includes an application, the standard liability insurance coverage and a summary of the shoot. A two-week review period is requested. Permit fees are determined by a sliding scale depending on the number of people involved in the shoot and range from $50.00 to $600.00 per day. Forest fire restrictions may apply.
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U.S. Forest Service District Offices

Carson National Forest (Taos): (575) 758-6300
Canjilon Ranger District: (575) 684-2486
El Rito RD: (575) 581-4554
Jicarilla RD (Bloomfield): (505) 632-2956
Camino Real RD (Penasco): (575) 587-2255
Tres Piedras RD: (575) 758-8678
Questa RD: (575) 586-0520
Lincoln National Forest (Alamogordo): (575) 434-7300
Smokey Bear RD (Ruidoso): (575) 257-4095
Sacramento RD (Cloudcroft): (575) 682-2551
Guadalupe RD (Carlsbad): (575) 885-4181
Cibola National Forest (Albuquerque): (505) 761-4650
Mt. Taylor RD (Grants): (505) 287-8833
Magdalena RD: (575) 854-2281
Mountainair RD: (505) 847-2990
Sandia RD: (505) 281-3304
Santa Fe National Forest (Santa Fe): (505) 438-5321
Coyote RD: (505) 638-5526
Cuba RD: (505) 289-3264
Espanola RD: (505) 753-7331
Jemez RD: (505) 829-3535
Las Vegas RD: (505) 438-7697
Pecos RD: (505) 757-6121
Gila National Forest (Silver City): (575) 388-8470
Black Range RD (Truth or Consequences):(575) 894-6677
Glenwood RD: (575) 539-2481
Reserve RD: (575) 533-6232
Silver City RD: (575) 388-8201
Wilderness RD (Mimbres): (575) 536-2250
Quemado RD: (575) 773-4678

National Parks & Monuments 

The National Park administers three national historical parks and ten national monuments in New Mexico. It is the policy of the National Park Service to encourage production to the fullest extent possible consistent with the protection of the park resources and ensuring the enjoyment of those resources by the visiting public. National Park Service Commercial Filming permits are issued by each individual Park Superintendent. A two-week application reviewing period is requested. The application process entails a $100.00 non-refundable application fee, a possible performance bond (depending on the extent of the shoot), and a minimum $100.00 per day location fee. Other costs may include the payment of Park Rangers to monitor production.

* Companies considering shooting on federal property must connect with the proper federal contact immediately, be aware that security clearances for all cast and crew entering the property must be processed with Homeland Security, and expect a lead time of three to four weeks for final approval.

For more information you may call the New Mexico Film Office or contact the Park Superintendent at the following locations:

Nation Parks and Monuments Office’s 

Aztec Ruins National Monument
(Aztec): (505) 334-6174

Bandelier National Monument
(Los Alamos): (505) 672-3861

Capulin Volcano National Monument
(Capulin): (575) 278-2201

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
(Carlsbad): (575) 785-2232

Chaco Culture National Historical Park
(Nageezi): (505) 786-7014

El Malpais National Monument
(Grants): (505) 285-5406

El Morro National Monument
(Ramah): (505) 783-4226Fort Union National Monument
(Watrous): (505) 425-8025

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
(Silver City): (575) 536-9461

Pecos National Historical Park
(Pecos): (505) 757-6414

Petroglyph National Monument
(Albuquerque): (505) 899-0205

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument
(Mountainair): (505) 847-2585

White Sands National Park
(Alamogordo): (575) 479-6124 ext. 231