October 20, 2020

 We wanted to give an update on the status of the New Mexico Film Office’s locations library and production services directory.  A few weeks ago, while attempting to negotiate fees, the company (Reel-Scout) that ran the site housing those resources abruptly cancelled our account which impacted our ability to provide this important information.  While this is not an ideal situation, we want you to know that we immediately took steps to recreate both resources.  We’re learning that this process will take some time because there is quite a bit of information to upload.  We estimate both resources to be up and running in the next two months and will keep you in the loop as things progress as well as offer any necessary training.  Until then, we are continuing to send location photo packages and provide those contacts listed in the production services.  If you need assistance with either of those things or anything else, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.     

If you need location assistance, please contact:

       Amber Dodson at 505.490.1330 or Amber@nmfilm.com
       Carrie Wells at 505.819.8949 or Carrie@nmfilm.com
       Rochelle Bussey at 505.629.2426 or Rochelle@nmfilm.com

New Mexico’s terrain varies from 12,000 foot snow-capped mountains to dry, cracked salt flats near the Mexican border. We boast eerie otherworldly, ultra modern cool, classic western sets, traditional military, historic Native America, big city skylines, “Anytown” USA, the famed Rio Grande and endless miles of unique landscapes.

Except for state-owned properties, the New Mexico Film Office is not affiliated in any way with the locations in this database. Locations are provided for informational and research purposes only. The New Mexico Film Office does not guarantee the condition, suitability, availability or cost of the locations in this database.

For additional assistance please contact us at 505-476-5600 or via email at info@nmfilm.com.