Transportation Permits

Any out-of-state production vehicle more than 12,000 pounds gross vehicle weight requires a prepaid permit from the Motor Vehicle Division. The permit covers the highway use tax. Vehicles over 26,000 pounds will also be subject to a fuel tax calculated by the mile. Permits and fees can be paid in advance to the Motor Vehicle Division, Vehicle Services Bureau at 505-827-1005. Permits may also be obtained at the Ports of Entry, though this method may cause some delays. The Ports of Entry locations and numbers are listed below.

Ports of Entry

Anthony               575-882-2471
Gallup                 505-905-3265
Hobbs                 575-393-4362
Lordsburg           575-542-8811
Nara Visa            575-633-2929
Raton                  575-445-8419
San Juan            575-576-2461
Shiprock             505-368-4429
Texico                 575-482-3271

State Highway Permits

The New Mexico Highway & Transportation Department allows filming, with permission, on its State highways and, in some cases, the Interstate system. Before any filming begins on or next to the highway, the appropriate right-of-way district highway office must be contacted in advance for the required permit. There is no fee for shooting on a State highway. Liability insurance is required in the amount of at least $1 million. Additional coverage may be required for hazardous work such as highway stunts. Depending on the complexity of the shoot, intermittent traffic control may be required for the safety of the public and crew. The Highway Department permit requires either State Police officers or the appropriate County Sheriff officers for traffic control. For more information, contact the Department of Transportation.

State Highway Districts Map

District 1, Deming: 575-544-6621
District 2, Roswell: 575-637-7201
District 3, Albuquerque: 505-841-2700
District 4, Las Vegas: 505-454-3600
District 5, Santa Fe: 505-827-9500
District 6, Milan: 505-285-3200

The following is needed to approve a request:– Complete the required form.– Obtain liability insurance covering the event in the policy amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence with the New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department named as additional insured.

– The Notice of Intent to conduct a special event requires you to develop and submit a traffic control plan. For very small groups, the typical traffic control is a warning vehicle with flashing yellow lights and a warning sign driven on the shoulder (not in the driving lane) to follow the group and alert motorists of the special event before they encounter it. For a very large group (over 10 and especially for groups of more than 50), contact the Highway Dept. to arrange for the proper traffic control.

  1. Number of persons in your group? 
  2. What type of traffic control is proposed for the event? 
  3. What is the exact proposed route? If city streets are to be used, you will need to work with the respective city for approval. You may need different types of traffic control for urban areas vs. rural areas. 
  4. It will be your responsibility to notify the local law enforcement entity in the respective area(s). 

The Department wants to work with you to minimize delays to the motoring public and to establish a safe event for both participants and motorists. Once you have determined how many participants you will be proposing for this event and have touched base with an insurance company to discuss your plans and associated costs for liability insurance, please contact our office to further discuss the details of this event.

City and County Roads

Shooting is normally allowed on city and county roads. Permission must be requested in advance from the appropriate municipal or county government. For referral to the city and county officials, contact the applicable local government for permits and permissions.

Traffic Control & Public Safety

Intermittent traffic control (I.T.C.) must be coordinated with the relevant police or sheriff’s office having jurisdiction. A written proposal outlining traffic control needs and a two-week lead time are requested. New Mexico State Police share jurisdiction with the respective county sheriffs. If a production company is planning to use interstate or State highways, a State highway permit is also required for traffic control.If you plan to use New Mexico State Police officers, a memorandum of agreement is required, and a two-week lead time is requested to schedule officers. For more information, contact the State Police at ,,,,,,or the State Police Legal Department, 505-827-9036.

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

For traffic or crowd control purposes, New Mexico State Police officers may be utilized. A memo of agreement is required. A two-week lead time is requested in order to schedule officers. The New Mexico Film Office will help direct you to the appropriate officials, 505-476-5600.

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

Any production vehicle over 12,000 pounds gross vehicle weight requires a temporary permit from the Motor Vehicle Division. Vehicles will be subject to a highway use tax. To avoid unwanted delays at the port of entry stations, it is recommended that the Division be contacted by phone as soon as possible.Norman Purdy
New Mexico Commercial Vehicle Division
2544 Camino Edward Ortiz
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 476-1552; 476-1570 Fax or 476-1571