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June 2021 Albuquerque Open Call for Television Series

Online & In-Person Open Call
📅 Saturday, June 19th, 2021
⏰ 11am – 3pm
📍 Glorybound
11913 Menaul Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87112 (
Casting Director Bill Marinella will personally host this event. He has arranged for a photographer to take your photos at the open call. Before you come in person, Sign Up & Submit. If you cannot come in person, Bill is accepting submissions online!
🎬 Bill Marinella invites you to submit for these paid background positions:
️ Casino Players (Upscale Clothing)
Casino Staff (w/real experience)
Dealers, Servers, Bartenders, Security
️ Vegas Pedestrians
Tourists, Locals, Business Travelers
️ Kids (6months – 17yrs)
️ Twins
Filming starts in Mid August 2021 through Fall 2021.

  • Work Date(s): TBD Please have a flexible schedule!
  • Age Range: Open to All
  • Gender: Open to All
  • Ethnicity: Open to All
  • Rate: $ You are compensated for the dates you are booked to work / Covid Test Rate: $ You are compensated for the time it takes you to attend COVID tests.
  • Location: TBD Albuquerque, NM Area
  • Call Time: TBD (Please keep a full 12 hour day without any other obligations)
  • 🚙 Vehicle: Transportation not provided. You must have reliable transportation to and from Covid testing and set.
  • 🦠COVID Testing Date(s): TBD Starting in Mid July.
  • Minors: If you are a parent, you must create an individual email for each minor to apply. Everyone must have their own email for their specific profile to be managed.
    • Click here to learn about the NM requirements for Child Actors.

The Beginning

Production Company: Tierra Films Entertainment
About: Part of a 3 part Horror Saga
Director: Corinne J Montoya
Producer: Corinne J Montoya
Additional Info: Casting 2  Females   Ages 19-26.  S A G Preferably Hispanic or Native
Dates: June 21-28
Location: ABQ
Time: 10am
Contact Phone: (505)264-0000


Production Company: Soul Punk Studios
About: Soul Punk Studios, based in Santa Fe NM, is casting two additional roles for an upcoming sci-fi short film, Bequest.
This is a SAG-AFTRA MICRO-BUDGET PROJECT AGREEMENT production, Union and Non-Union* actors encouraged to apply. The shoot day will be Saturday June 19, 2021. The finished film will be submitted for consideration at festivals.
Please submit a headshot and a demo reel, or a monologue reading of your choice, to for consideration please submit as soon as possible but no later than June 14, 2021.
*Read full SAG agreement here –
The Story: In a post climate apocalypse, the last livable corners of the planet are massively overpopulated. Governments regulate life and death. Suicide is normalized and monetized. In a world that values death over life, you can now negotiate a price for your own brutal murder and bequest that money to the ones you love. In a last ditch effort to save his dying daughter, Millard Warren has made this decision today.
The Roles: Attica Warren – Female 6-10 years old Attica is dying from lung cancer caused by polluted air. She needs an oxygen tank to breathe and speaks with a soft voice. With all the pain she suffers, she’s still a happy child and fills those around her with joy. She’s unaware of her parents’ decision on this day.
1 virtual table read, half Day shoot – rate $100
Mrs. Warren – Female 25-35 years old Mrs. Warren is a loving wife and mother. She’s made the heartbreaking choice with her husband to cash in his life payout to fund a life saving lung transplant for their daughter. She awaits the news of her husband’s fate in the hospital room with her daughter.
1 virtual table read, half Day shoot – rate $100
You may submit as a mother and daughter together or separately for each role. Thank you for your interest.
About Soul Punk: Soul Punk Studios was founded by R.J. Harbour and Sam Dabbs. Together they connected over their mad passion to create original content and unhealthy appetites for fantasy, anime and popcorn action films. They met while working long hours as visual effects artists on dozens of films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Tropic Thunder and Mad Max Fury Road. They have credits as VFX compositors, production designers, motion graphics artists and editors. Their experience also includes writing, directing and producing short films, graphic novels and music videos. Drawing on their diverse experience across the entertainment industry, they hope to bring their ideas to life on the screen and share their stories with the world.
Awards: 2017 George R.R. Martin Fantasy Screenwriters Grant, 2016 Int’l Horror Hotel Convention “Best Horror Script” and “Best Overall Script”, 2021 finalist Oaxaca PitchFest, 2020 semifinalist Table Read My Screenplay, 2020 quarterfinalist Screencraft Sci-fi and Fantasy Competition, 2018 quarterfinalist Screencraft Film Fund.
Dates: June 19, 2021
Location: Santa Fe, NM

The Graceful Path Season 3

Genre: Christian/Drama
Production Company: NBP Productions
About: A series that follows the lives of three individuals trying to stay on the graceful path of life. web series; Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Stareable, etc.
Director: C. Coleman
Producer: James and Christine Rivers
Additional Info: Paid/Meals will be provided on all film days/IMDb credits will be given.
Casting: 1 Role/Paid: 14-17 yrs old female
Submit headshots to
Dates: Contact for additional information
Location: Contact for additional information
Time: Contact for additional information
Contact Information: TGP Casting Team –

The Original Shareholder Experience

Production Company: Rusty Dime LLC
About: A Sundance-supported live-action short satire following an Indigenous telepresenter who must grapple with her career prospects as well as her morality when she’s asked to sell a genocidal product on live television.
Director: Petyr Xyst
Producer: Autumn Rose Billie
Rebecca (20s-30s, Indigenous) — a telepresenter nearing the top of her class at her employer, a giant media conglomerate which has, over time, slowly brought her into the fold of its hyper-capitalist ideologies disguised as “corporate responsibility”. She is ostensibly bold and progressive, but hides an embarrassing desire for power and holds a distance between the ‘real world’; slightly elitist but it isn’t noticeable to most people, especially her well-to-do colleagues.
Lisa (20s-40s, Indigenous) — a senior executive at a media/manufacturing/travel conglomerate, outspoken Lisa has arrived among the top of her peers within the travel sector, where she’s advocated for diversity, environmentalism, and corporate responsibility. She will have to decide who she’s loyal to in a tough company decision: her people or her job?
George (17-25, white) — a green face within the executive ranks at his employer’s headquarters, George sees himself as a professional aspirant intent on climbing the corporate food chain as quickly and efficiently as possible, imbuing whatever values will make him more successful with any given audience. He will have to convince his subordinate to join onto a controversial project before her show goes live.
Lenny (20s-50s, white) — a white man who gets seduced by the mystic, spiritual nature of Indigenous peoples and their cultures.
This is a paid, non-union project. Please email hi@paxyst with name, headshot, and contact info and we will get you sides for a self-tape.
Dates: July 12-15, 2021
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Time: TBD
Contact email:

Keep in the Dark

Production Company: Rosilyn Productions
About: Short Indie Film seeking Actors & Crew in New Mexico
Project Type: Short Film – NON-UNION. The project is a short indie, low/micro budget film. Actors will be provided: credit, copy, and meals. Pay is negotiable. Audition times will be arranged in response to submissions.
Audition Date(s): TBD
Shoot Locations: Santa Fe, Jemez, Albuquerque and Pecos, NM.
This short film will be submitted to film festivals and available on online streaming platforms.
Production Description: Hello! I am a freelance photographer and an independent filmmaker who is currently working on a short low budget film. A passion project of mine. I am looking for other film-makers/creatives who would like to get involved and contribute their talent to the film. You’ll only be required for a few days of filming, on a tiny film set, minimal crew, social distancing and set sanitation protocols will be followed. Please get in touch if this sounds like a project you’d be interested in!
Synopsis: Inspired by true events – A young woman house-sits one weekend at a secluded home in the mountains, on the outskirts of town. When she begins to encounter mysterious and strange activity around the house, she realizes there is a haunting presence in the home and that she is not alone. In an attempt to get through the weekend, she soon realizes a ghost may be the least of her worries. An artistic thriller/horror with a flare of comedy and sensuality.
Director: Carlo Armendariz
Producer: Carlo Armendariz
Additional Info: Casting Roles for the following:
Keep (Lead): Female, 18-25 An intelligent, attractive, kind; talented artist. Gifted beyond her own comprehension; with a style that could rival that of Kate Moss. She knows who she is as a person and what she wants in life. She has a very relaxed demeanor, super artistic and stylish. Though she is friendly and may seem introverted at times, she’s not one to be messed with; she has an edgy and bad ass side to her.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo
In addition to being available for this role, you will also be asked to be available for a full-costume photoshoot, a table read, and a rehearsal prior to principal photography.
Note: role must be comfortable with a partial-nudity scene.
Compensation: Pay is negotiable. Full credit including IMDb, transportation and meals provided each day.
Gibson (Supporting): Female, 18-25 A witty, slightly awkward – intellectual, 420 friendly. Not afraid to speak her mind, very sarcastic and outspoken.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo
In addition to being available for this role, you will also be asked to be available for a table read, and a rehearsal prior to principal photography.
Compensation: Pay is negotiable. Full credit including IMDb, transportation and meals provided each day.
Irene (Supporting): Female, 50-60 An older hippie type woman with long grey hair.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Compensation: Full credit including IMDb and meals provided each day.
Joey (Supporting): Male, 18-25 Hispanic man, weed smoking, hip-hop listening, artist. Even though he can be seen as sort of a slacker he is undeniably Gibson’s love interest.
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino
Compensation: Full credit including IMDb and meals provided each day.
PROWLER/MAN IN THE DARK: 18+ Mysterious character, majority of scenes are obscured and to be filmed in shadows and lurking around.
Ethnicity: Any
Compensation: Full credit including IMDb and meals provided each day.
Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations: This project is currently in pre-production and we are waiting to cast the roles to set dates. Rehearsals and Zoom table reads TBD.
Principal photography – Shooting three to five days in July, in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Jemez and Pecos, NM.
All social distancing and set sanitation protocols will be followed. Crew will be minimal.
Please submit headshot and resume to:
Dates: July 2021
Location: Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Jemez and Pecos NM.
Time: TBD