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Just a Little Further

Production Company: Punch Up Productions
About: A lyrical short film visualizing an award-winning Dine poet’s performance about her childhood, and watching her grandmother suffer from diabetes.  The roles are to illustrate flashbacks of the poets childhood with abstract imagery and small details. The film is part of a National program that intertwines education and artistry to help educate under-served communities about the impact of Diabetes. The larger program has lead to several viral videos and coverage in the NY Times.
Director: Jamie DeWolf
Producer: Jamie DeWolf and Paige Goedkoop
Additional Info: CASTING: Non-Union – 2 Non-Speaking Roles for Poetry Music Video
MIDDLE AGED WOMAN  [50+] to play a Grandmother
YOUNG GIRL:  [Brunette Age 7-14] Pays $150 for the Day, all meals provided.
Covid safety protocols. We’re a small three person vaccinated film crew who will be masked at all times.
Dates: Saturday May 22nd and/or Sunday May 23rd
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Time: 11am-7pm
Contact Phone: 510-938-3364
Contact email:


Production Company: Soul Punk Studios
About: Soul Punk Studios, based in Santa Fe NM, is casting several roles for an upcoming sci-fi short film, Bequest. This is a SAG-AFTRA MICRO-BUDGET PROJECT AGREEMENT production. Each role will be scheduled for a one day shoot and one rehearsal between June 18th – 20th. The finished film will be submitted for consideration at festivals.
This is an open virtual casting call, Union or Non-Union*. Email with the role you’re interested in and we’ll send back the sides soon after. Please record a Self Tape for the part and submit a link to your audition, along with any other material you would like us to consider to by May 20, 2021.
*Read full SAG agreement here –
The Story: In a post climate apocalypse, the last livable corners of the planet are massively overpopulated. Governments regulate life and death. Suicide is normalized and monetized. In a world that values death over life, you can now negotiate a price for your own brutal murder and bequest that money to the ones you love.
In a last ditch effort to save his dying daughter, Millard Warren has made this decision today.
The Roles: Officiator – Female, 20s-30s, Sarcastic, sassy and has a style all her own. The death officiator is a strong willed woman who works a low wage government job (think jaded DMV employee / security guard). She has little power in her personal life, but is more than happy to put someone in their place at work when they step out of line. Her job has desensitized her to violence, but as strong as she is, Millard’s death affects her profoundly. It brings back memories of her own father and the same sacrifice he made for his family.
1 virtual table read, 1 rehearsal and 1 full day shoot – $250
*This part will need to have a costume fitting.
Millard – Male 30s-50s, Quiet, nervous and plain. Millard is the protagonist of this film. He almost never speaks as he goes through a range of emotions while awaiting his brutal but consensual murder. Fear, sadness, and nervousness jolts through his system as he tries to steel all these emotions and remind himself he is here today to save his young daughter’s life. 1 virtual table read, 1 rehearsal and 1 full day shoot – $250
Mr. Pierce – Male 20s, entitled, loud and obnoxious. Mr. Pierce lives an influencer lifestyle. He thinks he is much cooler than he actually is. He is rich with rich friends and lives a lavish lifestyle. But deep down under his frat boy attitude — he’s a closet psychopath. 1 virtual table read, 1 rehearsal and 1 full day shoot – $250
Director: Soul Punk
About Soul Punk: Soul Punk Studios was founded by R.J. Harbour and Sam Dabbs. Together they connected over their mad passion to create original content and unhealthy appetites for fantasy, anime and popcorn action films. They met while working long hours as visual effects artists on dozens of films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Tropic Thunder and Mad Max Fury Road. They have credits as VFX compositors, production designers, motion graphics artists and editors. Their experience also includes writing, directing and producing short films, graphic novels and music videos. Drawing on their diverse experience across the entertainment industry, they hope to bring their ideas to life on the screen and share their stories with the world.
Awards: 2017 George R.R. Martin Fantasy Screenwriters Grant, 2016 Int’l Horror Hotel Convention “Best Horror Script” and “Best Overall Script”, 2021 finalist Oaxaca PitchFest, 2020 semifinalist Table Read My Screenplay, 2020 quarterfinalst Screencraft Sci-fi and Fantasy Competition, 2018 quarterfinalist Screencraft Film Fund.
Dates: 06/18/21-06/20/21
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Contact Email:

Casting Call for TBA

Production Company: NBC-Universal TV
About: Kathryn Brink Casting is searching for a blue eyed boy age 5-6 (minimum of 5) for TV series.
Additional Info: this is a reoccurring speaking role shooting between June 14-end of August submit photo or headshot and all contact to for more information.
Dates: please submit asap


Production Company: Orange Chair Productions, SILT The Movie
About: A native botanist, grieving the death of a beloved aunt, travels alone to northern Mexico, where she is nourished by images of the last trip they took together witnessing the transformation of the Colorado River Delta.
Director: Emilie Upczak
Producer: John Otterbacher
Additional Info: Nancy Schreiber – Cinematographer
Union Status: Union and Nonunion
Compensation and Contract Details: SAG – AFTRA New Media Agreement, $125 per day.
Key Dates and Locations: Auditions – May 11th 9am-5pm MT over Zoom and May 16th 10am-3pm MT in person in Albuquerque, New Mexico Shooting and Rehearsals in early August in Gallup, New Mexico
Required Media: Headshot, Video Reel, Cover Letter, Two-minute monologue.
Name – Young Emery
Type- Supporting
Gender – Female
Age – 11-13
Ethnicity – Native/Caucasian
Description – A young impressionable girl with a lot of curiosity and admiration towards her father’s sister. Young Emery is starting to realize her passion for nature through the eyes of her aunt.

Name – Elza
Type – Supporting
Gender – Female
Age – 40 to 50
Ethnicity – Native
Description – A native wind crafter who is very knowledgeable in the nature that surrounds her. Elza has a very deep love for her niece and is dedicated to satisfying her curiosity, as well as sharing her own passion of nature with her.

Contact Phone: (847)873-9795

Keep in the Dark

Production Company: Rosilyn Productions
About: Short Indie Film seeking Actors & Crew in New Mexico
Project Type: Short Film – NON-UNION. The project is a short indie, low/micro budget film. Actors will be provided: credit, copy, and meals. Pay is negotiable. Audition times will be arranged in response to submissions.
Audition Date(s): TBD
Shoot Locations: Santa Fe, Jemez, Albuquerque and Pecos, NM.
This short film will be submitted to film festivals and available on online streaming platforms.
Production Description: Hello! I am a freelance photographer and an independent filmmaker who is currently working on a short low budget film. A passion project of mine. I am looking for other film-makers/creatives who would like to get involved and contribute their talent to the film. You’ll only be required for a few days of filming, on a tiny film set, minimal crew, social distancing and set sanitation protocols will be followed. Please get in touch if this sounds like a project you’d be interested in!
Synopsis: Inspired by true events – A young woman house-sits one weekend at a secluded home in the mountains, on the outskirts of town. When she begins to encounter mysterious and strange activity around the house, she realizes there is a haunting presence in the home and that she is not alone. In an attempt to get through the weekend, she soon realizes a ghost may be the least of her worries. An artistic thriller/horror with a flare of comedy and sensuality.
Director: Carlo Armendariz
Producer: Carlo Armendariz
Additional Info: Casting Roles for the following:
Keep (Lead): Female, 18-25 An intelligent, attractive, kind; talented artist. Gifted beyond her own comprehension; with a style that could rival that of Kate Moss. She knows who she is as a person and what she wants in life. She has a very relaxed demeanor, super artistic and stylish. Though she is friendly and may seem introverted at times, she’s not one to be messed with; she has an edgy and bad ass side to her.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo
In addition to being available for this role, you will also be asked to be available for a full-costume photoshoot, a table read, and a rehearsal prior to principal photography.
Note: role must be comfortable with a partial-nudity scene.
Compensation: Pay is negotiable. Full credit including IMDb, transportation and meals provided each day.
Gibson (Supporting): Female, 18-25 A witty, slightly awkward – intellectual, 420 friendly. Not afraid to speak her mind, very sarcastic and outspoken.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Required Media: Headshot/Photo
In addition to being available for this role, you will also be asked to be available for a table read, and a rehearsal prior to principal photography.
Compensation: Pay is negotiable. Full credit including IMDb, transportation and meals provided each day.
Irene (Supporting): Female, 50-60 An older hippie type woman with long grey hair.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Compensation: Full credit including IMDb and meals provided each day.
Joey (Supporting): Male, 18-25 Hispanic man, weed smoking, hip-hop listening, artist. Even though he can be seen as sort of a slacker he is undeniably Gibson’s love interest.
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino
Compensation: Full credit including IMDb and meals provided each day.
PROWLER/MAN IN THE DARK: 18+ Mysterious character, majority of scenes are obscured and to be filmed in shadows and lurking around.
Ethnicity: Any
Compensation: Full credit including IMDb and meals provided each day.
Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations: This project is currently in pre-production and we are waiting to cast the roles to set dates. Rehearsals and Zoom table reads TBD.
Principal photography – Shooting three to five days in July, in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Jemez and Pecos, NM.
All social distancing and set sanitation protocols will be followed. Crew will be minimal.
Please submit headshot and resume to:
Dates: July 2021
Location: Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Jemez and Pecos NM.
Time: TBD


Production Company: GGG Productions
About: This is a spiritual series where everyone gets to experience their takes in life and what the heavenly forces have to do with those interactions and moments.
We have took a couple summers to gather stories and turn them into scripted entertainment– praying to bring these stories to life, we lack the facial figures.
This is a multi-story ran production with no episodes really relating to others so we are seeking employment of many faces. Hopes of multiple pilots being launched to see which takes and which others might be held for spin-off possibilities.
Any one is up for submission but we are seeking for the first three episodes the following:
Males (18-45)any ethnicity or body type
Females(18-45)any ethnicity or body type
*Health rules will follow.
Director: Duo
Producer: Multiple
Additional Info: A series produced to elevate the issue of spiritual attacks.
The mission is to entertain yet also make people aware of the faces of being tempted or possessed in times. Leading to their life choices and outcomes. This will in hopes teach others how to handle life situations, making more efficient and loving human beings. Please submit talent info to the following email & in the subject line type “Circles” for submissions. We will need one headshot, name, birthdate, phone number and good email.
Dates: 5/29
Location: 2960 N. Scenic Dr., Alamogordo, N.M., 88310
Time: 4:00p.m.-9:00p.m.(MST)
Contact Phone: (505)587-9403
Contact Email:

Untitled PSA- Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Production Company: NMAYM
Director: Riley Del Rey
Producer: Thomas Abeyta
Additional Info: A short film produced to elevate the issue of Sexual Harassment.  7 page Script
One day 12 hr unpaid shoot Thursday April 29 with tentative pick up date TBD Looking for talent that can improv casual conversational dialogue on the topic of sexual assault experiences….
Audition will be needed ASAP
Middle Aged Men with all types of hair (long hair preferred) Attractive actress and musician types able to play early and late 20’s
Dates: 4/29/2021
Location: On Location
Time: 12hrs
Contact Phone: 310-926-2646