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Days to Daze

Student Film
It’s a story of three friends throwing their final college party before graduation. This party will not only be their last college party, but it will also be a test to their friendship and loyalty to one another. Their friendship and loyalty are tested when the friends realize that there is a shortage of chips at their party and no chips can be found in any of stores in their small town. Main characters Will, Roy, and Kersh set out to find where the chips are being hidden so that the party goes on. However, Roy and Will soon discover that the chips are being horde by a man called “The Chip Barron”. In order for will and Roy to get any kind of chips they must battle The Chip Baron to the death, while risking their friendship in the process.
Director: Connor Jouppi
Producer: Christina Romero
Additional Info: Days to Daze is a comedy film following College students trying to save their last college party. Roy and Will go on a quest to find chips for the party which leads them down treacherous path and into the clutches of the gluttonous CHIP BARON. It’s a tale of tragedy, discovery and coming of age.
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  • Roy (21) – A college student going into his senior year. Roy tries to play the casual cool guy but is actually the most anxious guy in the room. – Ages 19-24
  • Will (22) – A college student going into his senior year. He’s a business bro who dresses in polos often. He’s like the nagging father of the group at times. – Ages 19-24
  • Kersh (21)- A college student going into his senior year. He’s a bit socially awkward but also goes with the flow if it’s for the sake of his friends. – Ages 19-24
  • The Chip Baron – He’s an eccentric illuminati occultist who bought up all of the chips in the state. Think a mixture of GI: Joe’s Cobra Commander and Elon musk. Ages 19 – 30

Non-Union / Dates and locations are soon to be announced. These are unpaid position, but roles are fully credited, Footage for reels will be provided, and craft service will be provided on set while following safe covid guidelines.
Location: Albuquerque


“Quinn East”

Production Company: Michael Film Production
Director: Michael Williams
Producer: Michael Quinn
About: Marvel Movie Studios
Dates: January 4, 2022
Location: New Mexico
Time: TBA
Contact Phone: 541-777-9224


Production Company: CNM
Director: Grigori Rogers
Producer: Grigori Rogers
About: A short horror movie about a young woman getting laid off during Covid 19. She had to move back to her parents home. When she gets home she remembers something sinister used to live at the house. She start to see it again.
Additional Info: Short Student Film/Night Shoot, Actress late 20s/early 30s
Dates: December 3rd and 4th
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Time: 5pm
Contact Phone: 505-681-6943