Meet Jan Wafful - Otero County Film Liaison
Meet Jan Wafful - Otero County Film Liaison

Otero County Film Office, Otero County Admin. Bldg, 1101 New York Ave., Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico 88310

Film liaison for the county since 2006 with immediate training and film liaison registration from AFCI and all of the AFCI University courses.

A genuine interest in and general lifetime knowledge of the film industry and what it could mean in terms of economic development to help grow this industry in the state of NM
Film has a profound effect on our communities outside of Santa Fe and ABQ. It provides another revenue stream for established and new businesses in our outlying communities. It allows rural film locations and attractions added revenue and interest to be a part of this creative and innovative industry in a way that perhaps property owners and attractions had not thought of before as valuable advertising and exposure to larger sections of the country and viewing audiences as beautiful landscapes and area attractions that can be visited anytime in New Mexico.

Some of my favorite memories include meeting new industry film scouts visiting my area and making all those various locations photography trips with them in and around the area. There are so many fascinating people in the film industry, and when you hike and spend the day with them, you find that your mutual interest in their creative project and its needs are a real connection level that is so gratifying to find. Especially when you get to know them a little and find out about their background and how they have been drawn into this wonderful and creative industry.

I have had so many production favorites down through the years. Whether it is feature films like "Transformers I & II," "Book of Eli," "Men Who Stare at Goats," "12 Strong," or music videos Like Brett Young's "Mercy" or France Warner's Christophe Mae's "Charly," or high fashion photography like Gabi, TJ Maxx & Marshall's or Nordstrom catalog shoots. Even the album covers shot here that came from Paris that got to go on to win countless awards in the European music is all good. If I had to choose my two most very favorites, it would be Christophe Mae's France Warner music video, "Ma Douleur, Ma Peine" shot entirely on location here in Otero County. It showcases the desert, White Sands, the Mescalero tribe, and the BLM tarantula track red sands. The other project close to my heart was "Atari: Game Over" which was the digging up of the Atari graveyard right here in the local landfill. Zack Penn, our director and the wonderful Jonathan Chinn producer made this Fuel Industries and Grainey Pictures collaboration one of my two top choices. It is the people involved in both these productions that captured my heart and my creative imagination and wonder.

To learn more about our area and services to film that I can offer, just email me with any questions or needs that I might be able to answer for you or help you with. It's always a great day in Southern New Mexico, and in Otero County we are always glad to welcome you to come to our area and check us out for a current project or for the one you are planning for in the future