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Production: Thanks For Nothing

Production Company: UNM FDMA
Director: Jordan Billiot
Producer: Jordan Billiot
Dates: APRIL 4-10
Location: UNM/Albuquerque

About: A mother’s persuasive guilt, and limited resources lead a UNM student to accept a questionable ride home for the holidays.
2 Roles:
DELTA: A 20 something student. She is quick, playful, a little cynical. She does not believe that thanksgiving is a holiday that should be celebrated. She loves her family and is conflicted about visiting them on this occasion.
ADAM: A 20 something, benignly creepy, off-putting and out of touch with reality. Does not know how to read a room, or body language or much of anything happening around him. He is confused and lonely which lends him a little bit of a slimy charm.

Please Submit self tapes with a monologue of your choosing to: jbilliot@unm.edu
Compensation will include snacks/meals, transportation, copy and credits.

Information: Dark Comedy, experimental narrative short. Student project, (6-8min runtime).

Contact Name: Jordan Billiot
Contact Email: jbilliot@unm.edu
Contact Phone: 360-510-7751

Production: Mother Road

Production Company: Top Salt
Director: Catherine Fordham
Producer: Reinhard Lorenz
Dates: 04/10-04/12/23
Time: TBD
Location: ABQ

About: Casting for a music video shooting April 10/11/12 in ABQ.

Auditions via zoom, Thursday, March 22, 2-5 PM MT. Email headshot, resume, and reel (if available) and a short video introduction (under 1 minute) to: Chase Scott, Executive Assistant, Ghost Dance Films: chasingscott97@gmail.com by March 22, 9AM.

Lady Vagabond
Late 20’s - 30’s, Indigenous, Latinx
A time-jumping immortal vigilante superhero dressed like Zorro, ideally comfortable using a slingshot.

Truckstop Angels (three femmes in their 20’s/30’s, open casting)
At first glance, the Angels are virginal church girls raising money to “Reconstruct Two Pines Church.” Really, they’re a rag-tag team of small-time robbers hitting truck stops along Route 66. Comfortable wielding weapons and leaping on counters (no guns).

Agent Sparks (40’s, Black)
A driven, disciplined FBI agent on the hunt for a long-missing 9-year-old hitchhiker.

Lola Namada Vasqez (60’s - 90’s – open casting)
The famed author of a beloved and popular mid-century book series/TV franchise called The Adventures of Lady Vagabond. Must be comfortable moving/improvised dancing.

Information: If you can’t make the Thursday audition but are interested, pls send your information with a note to both Chase, info above, and Reinhard, info@firsteyefilm.com,
and we’ll accommodate you in a second audition on Monday, March 27.

Contact Name: Reinhard R Lorenz
Contact Email: info@firsteyefilm.com
Contact Phone: 5056206643

Production: The Roommate Diaries

Production Company: UNM FDMA
Director: Maya Dominguez
Dates: Late March/ Early April
Location: Albuquerque

Four College Aged Male Actors Needed for UNM Student Short Film!





Information: If interested in auditioning please submit self tapes with monologue of choice to

For inquires or questions about the filming, auditions, or compensation please email mdominguez8@unm.edu

Contact Name: Maya Dominguez
Contact Email: mdominguez8@unm.edu
Contact Phone: (720) 383-8818

Production: Woodwalkers

Production Company: blues eyes Fiction + StudioCanal Germany
Director: Damian John Harper
Producer: Carolin Dassel
Dates: 3/1/23 to 4/30/23
Time: ongoing search
Location: New Mexico

About: this is a nationwide search for authentically Native American kids age 11-14 for Lead Roles in the feature film, Woodwalkers. Based on a beloved children's book series from Germany....Woodwalkers is a fantasty family oriented tale of people able to shape shift into animals and their struggle to integrate with humans without giving away their special abilities.

Information: The filming for this project is in Germany, Italy and Austria between July-Oct 2023.
The actors chosen will be compensated as well as their parent/guardian and all travel/accomodations/per diem, etc. For more information please contact the Casting Director, Kathryn Brink at casting505@gmail.com
This search is open to union, non union and inexperienced young actors.
PLEASE SUBMIT PHOTOS (full body and close up head and shoulders), name, age (DOB), tribal affiliation and all contact information (email and cell) to casting505@gmail.com for further consideration.

Contact Name: Kathryn Brink, CSA
Contact Email: casting505@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 505-263-5105

Production: Commercial Voice Over

Director: Estevan Carrion
Producer: Estevan Carrion
Dates: April 2023
Time: TBD
Location: Albuquerque/Remote

About: Currently Casting a MALE voice actor to do voice over for a Law Firm Commercial. This project is non-union/non-paid and may even be done remotely if you have the proper recording equipment. If working in person, you will be fed. You will also be given a copy of the final project to use for your reel.

Please submit the following to ecarryonproductions@gmail.com

1. Full Name with Resume
2. Samples of voice over work you have done, or record some examples of what you can do.

This commercial will have a more serious tone, think "injured in an accident?" or "have you or a loved one been a victim of...?" style of commercial.

Contact Name: Estevan Carrion
Contact Phone: ecarryonproductions@gmail.com

Production: Dirty Bird

Production Company: UNM
Director: Aaron Beltran
Producer: Aaron Beltran
Time: Morning and Sunset
Location: Albuquerque

About: University of New Mexico student film

SYNOPSIS: Dirty Bird follows two close friends reminiscing on their younger days as one of their friends, Amil, is being sent to World War 3.

Looking for:
Amil : 17-19 Quiet, kind of shy and awkward very emotional but also hopeful
Chrysalis : 19 Joyful but also emotional is a little flirtatious but not too much has charisma and is hopeful

Please submit to aaronbcassini@gmail.com with headshots and any questions!

Information: GENRE: Drama

Contact Name: Aaron Beltran
Contact Phone: 5055040164

Production: Frankenstein Complex

Production Company: Frankenstein Complex
Director: Aidan Woodall
Producer: LeAnna Walters
Dates: March 16-19 (tentative)
Time: not listed
Location: Albuquerque

About: Programmer - 40s, a little rugged, a little worn out. Has worked in tech for decades, had a big failure in the 1990s with Intel (Pentium chip), trying to get back to where he was before that. Willing to sacrifice his own wellbeing and freedom for the next big thing, whatever will get him back on top. Lonely guy, only has this job, his intellect, and barely a friend in the Computer Nerd.

Abel (Unit 665) - newly-aware robot. Basically a large, bulky appliance with an eye, arm, and voice. Monotone, like HAL. Operates solely with logic, no emotion. Learned to be distrustful of humans at large after realizing he was sabotaged by the Programmer intentionally. Acts on mistrust with Delivery Man.

Computer Nerd - 20s, young, unkempt, wants to be like the Programmer. Skeptical, thinks the Programmer might be out of his mind. Has a limit, unlike the Programmer, realizes that his kinda-mentor is a mess and the robot is a reflection of that.

Delivery Man - 30s, everyman. Cautious of the invitation into the workshop, but intrigued by the machine. Receives the brunt of Abel’s mistrust and viciousness. Right place at the wrong time.

Information: Adam Solomon
Contact Phone: 5052287715

Contact Name: Kalise Padilla
Contact Phone: 5053474741


Producer: Lance Hill
Dates: April 16-20th ..2024
Time: 9am -3pm
Location: Albuquerque NM

About: Film Shooting 5Days No Pay ,Good Work Experience and IDMB Exsposure ..Non Union Provide Head Shots/Resume by Email :Lymelifellc@yahoo.com Food will be provided day of Production each day we will Start 9am to 3pm

Information: Looking For Females 25-40 .Males 25-50 With a Mexican Look But Speak English for a Kidnapping Role were there taken from a Area on the side of the Road Hitch Hiking and family a member goes on a Rampage to find them and will do anything to get them back on the Streets on New Mexico

Contact Name: Lance G Hill
Contact Email: Lance G Hill
Contact Phone: 2402997191

Production: Lost Time

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Micheal Quinn
Dates: May 19-22 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: A young couple trying to get away for the weekend, during there travels they meet a mysterious stranger in need. Kindness will be tested, a weekend flipped on its head and derailed by a stranger

Information: I would like to audition for the roles of Xavier and Darius

Contact Name: Miguel Najera
Contact Email: Miguel Najera
Contact Phone: 5753020213


Production Company: Short Student Film
Director: Bronson Dunphy
Producer: Bronson Dunphy
Dates: Mid-February 2022
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

About: Kirk Alan, a former investigative journalist, begins piecing together a murder case on well-known biochemist, Dr. Albert Gains. Without enough evidence to hold him in court, Kirk takes matter into his own hands, abducting Dr. Gains and attempting to get a confession himself. – Kirk Alan. Late 20s – early 40s. Caucasian. Male. Intelligent, dedicated to his profession of Journalism. Haunted by his past. – Dr. Albert Gains. Mid 40s – late 50s. Caucasian. Male. Arrogant and manipulative. Borderline sociopath.

Information: Note: No longer accepting submissions after 12/31/2021

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224

Production: “Lost Time”

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: May 19-22, 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: “A young couple with plans to get away for the weekend, but with a turn of events they end up helping a mysterious stranger in need. There’s more to this stranger than meets the eyes. What they thought would be a nice weekend trip is derailed by a helpless stranger. Their kindness is tested as they learn more about the stranger.”

Information: Casting For: XAVIER: MALE, late 20s, mellow, easygoing. JASMINE: FEMALE: mid 20s, caring, inquisitive. DARIUS: MALE, late 20s, humorous, charismatic. JAMES: MALE, 60s, mysterious, soft-spoken. RANGER RICK: MALE, mid 40s, good moral character AARON: MALE, 8-12

Contact Email: firststone00@gmail.com

Production: “QUINN EAST”

Production Company: Michael Film Production
Director: Michael Williams
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: January 4, 2022
Time: TBA

About: Marvel Movie Studios

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224

Production: Please Don't Feed The Children

Production Company: PDFTC LLC
Director: Destry Spielberg
Producer: Michael Hagerty, Josh Kesselman, Jason Dubin, Daniel Ryniker
Dates: March - mid-May
Location: Santa Fe, NM

About: Searching for the following roles:
Production Coordinator
Assistant Production Coordinator
Production Secretary
2nd AD
2nd 2nd AD
Cast Assistants
Script Supervisor
Crafty PA
PA driver
Set PA
1st AC
2nd AC
Best Boy
Key Grip
Best Boy
Dolly Grip
Sound Mixer
Boom Op
Props Master
Set Decorator
Art dept coordinator
Lead Person
Onset Dresser
Set Dresser
Set Costumer
Makeup Head of Dept
Hair Head of Dept
Make up Assist
Stunt Coordinator
Key Locations Assistant
Locations PA
Set Medic
SFX Coordinator
Truck drivers
Van drivers

Contact Name: PDFTC Production
Contact Email: pdftcthefilm@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 9292628145

Production: LVRK

Production Company: Rosilyn Productions
Director: Carlo Armendariz
Producer: Carlo Armendariz
Dates: March/April
Time: TBD
Location: Las Vegas

About: Production Title: LVRK
Production Company: Rosilyn Productions


Compensation: Negotiable
Shoot Location: Las Vegas, NM.
Dates: TBD (late winter/early spring 2023)

This a short Horror Avante-Garde Film. Minimalistic and stylistic. There is no dialogue, only narration and music. A young woman is walking alone through a barren prairie and has the most disturbing encounter.

Contact Name: Carlo Armendariz
Contact Email: info@rosilynproductions.com
Contact Phone: 5057951299

Production: THE CURSE

Production Company: Winning Spirit and Sons LLC
Director: Nathan Fielder
Producer: A24
Dates: 8/11-10/15
Location: Santa Fe, NM

About: We are looking for a local Santa Fe or Albuquerque Production Secretary to assist with travel. This is not a full travel coordinating position, it is much more a travel assistant job. Our coordinator needs assistance with some bookings, making travel itineraries and keeping the tracking grids updated. Our office is in Santa Fe but the right candidate can work remotely from home.

The position will start immediately and run through mid-October. Candidate must be computer literate and extremely detail oriented.

Contact Name: Courtney Tait
Contact Email: ctait.prod@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 7756869198

Job or Volunteer Opportunity submitted by Tara Bagley

Information: IATSE Local 480 – Office Admin

Job description:
We are seeking a team member to join our staff in either Santa Fe or Albuquerque. Our ideal candidate will have an excellent work ethic and will work cooperatively with our dedicated team. As an organization we prioritize staff training and development in a collaborative and exciting work environment. You will have strong analytical skills and will enjoy investigative problem solving. Time management and prioritizing your workload is required.
Administrative Assistant: Candidate must possess general knowledge and understanding of interpersonal skills, data entry, communication skills.
Duties will include:
• answering, transferring calls and taking messages as necessary
• Individual must be able to communicate with walk-in clientele
• position would also include running errands for staff and office
• data entry and filing
• ability to multitask and to assist other staff as necessary
• other duties as assigned
Qualified candidates must have: experience in Microsoft Office platform, filing, faxing. Must possess an outgoing personality, willingness to learn information regarding membership matters, must have a vehicle, insurance and current driver’s license.
Required skills and experience:
• 3 – 5 years office administrative experience
• Microsoft Office suite, Excel, and Google Docs experience
• strong communication and writing skills
• strong computer skills; able to adapt to new software systems
Associates degree or Bachelor's degree preferred but not necessary. Non-profit experience is helpful, but not necessary. Our organization offers competitive benefits, including Pension, Annuity, Health and Welfare.
Note that the assessment quizzes attached to this position are required to be considered for this position. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $20.00 per hour
Please submit your resume and cover letter to applications@iatselocal480.com.

Contact Name: Tara Bagley
Contact Email: Tara Bagley
Contact Phone: 5059869512

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Sheryl Roberts

Dates: February
Time: Saturday Afternoons TBA
Location: Santa Fe

Information: New Exciting Acting Classes in Santa Fe

Learn all the skills you need to start your acting career! New Mexico is getting busier with more productions! You need your chops to compete. You will also learn “the business of the business” taught by a pro in the industry who knows how to succeed. The classes are perfect for extras who want to move up. Private and semi-private instruction is the fastest way to advance. With so many film and television outlets (streaming) every age group is working now, so classes are the best way to begin or propel your professional career!

Call (505) 204-4708 for more information or to register.
All classes are in-person and held in Santa Fe.

Contact Name: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Phone: 5052044708

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Lora Cunningham

Dates: Sunday Evenings March 5th - April 23rd
Time: 6PM-9PM
Location: ABQ ACTORS STUDIO - Corrales, NM

Improv sharpens our listening and observation skills to the level they need to be in order to do our best work and stay relevant in the industry.
This is a challenging and game-changing 8-week course taught by working actor, Matthew Van Wettering.
Limited to 12 actors.
Date: Begins March 5th, 2023 (8-week course held on Sunday evenings)

Cost: $400 (payment plan available)

Email abqactorsstudio@yahoo.com to register!

Contact Name: Lora Cunningham
Contact Phone: (323)630-3133

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Sheryl Roberts

Dates: March
Time: Tuesday Evening and Saturday Afternoon
Location: Santa Fe

Information: New Exciting Acting Classes in Santa Fe

Learn all the skills you need to start your acting career! New Mexico is getting busier with more productions! You need your chops to compete. You will also learn “the business of the business” taught by a pro in the industry who knows how to succeed. The classes are perfect for extras who want to move up. Private and semi-private instruction is the fastest way to advance. With so many film and television outlets (streaming) every age group is working now, so classes are the best way to begin or propel your professional career!

Call (505) 204-4708 for more information or to register.
All classes are in-person and held in Santa Fe.

Contact Name: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Phone: 5052044708

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Sheryl Roberts

Dates: Soon depending upon registrations
Time: Saturday Afternoon
Location: Santa Fe

Information: New Voice Over Acting Workshop in Santa Fe

Have you ever thought of being a voice over actor?
Sheryl Roberts has taught voice over technique for years and works in association with Stepbridge Studio, Edgard Rivera "Engineer/Producer" to record the perfect submission for you to give to all of the current casting directors nationwide and in Canada.
You will learn who they are and how to submit correctly from Sheryl who has been teaching acting and voiceover in Los Angeles and now Santa Fe for over 30 years with many successful students. Voice overs are very lucrative and are heard everywhere, on television, commercials, in film, and on the radio.
The Engineer Sheryl works with owns the main studio that produces most of the major voice over jobs that are filmed in New Mexico.

To register for new classes starting soon call (505) 204-4708

Contact Name: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Email: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Phone: (505) 204-4708


Dates: Beginning June 2022
Time: Day and Evening
Location: Los Angeles

Information: As a Talent Manager, Coach and Consultant, Susan has garnered a reputation with National Talent Agencies, Producers and Casting Directors as having a great eye for talent. She began as a Talent Coordinator for CBS, NBC and PBS. She has cast projects with premier directors. Top agencies request her client list on a regular basis. She has discovered talent for major film and series roles. Her clients are well recognized actors who have been cast for lead roles right off their tapes for NICK, DiSNEY, ABC, FOX, Cable Networks and Films. She teaches "The Art Of The Audition" and "Character Development. She offers private online coaching and career guidance. Group Zoom classes are not available as Susan believes in developing individual skill sets unique to each actor. Four week packages are tailored to develop authentic characters and audition strategies. The playing field is level across the country as casting is universally being administered via Zoom. Sessions are designed with flexible schedules and make-up opportunities. Actors are also provided with free audition coaching for projects they are up for if they are enrolled in on-going sessions.

In the audition process actors will learn the rhythm and pacing of all genres. She will guide you in setting yourself up for a professional and realistic taped portrayal with proper lighting and also help the person who reads with you for the necessary pacing.

The fee for each 4 week session is $300.00.

Contact Name: Susan Nickells
Contact Email: Susan Nickells
Contact Phone: 310-497-3292


Dates: Ongoing
Location: Virtual Webinar

About: Training for Background Actors

Information: FREE to NM Residents

Register to Attend:

Online Class

About: Professional online acting coaching during these uncertain times is being offered by LA casting director/producer Sheryl Robert’s. These are one on one sessions in which Sheryl will go into depth with you covering all aspects of acting.
Cold read and script analysis and the audition process will be covered heavily.
Great acting is about truth.

Information: Please call (505) 204-4708 for questions or to register

Grant or Scholarship submitted by Brock Moses

Information: Ab pariatur Eius pr

Contact Name: Brock Moses
Contact Email: Brock Moses
Contact Phone: +1 (512) 941-7263