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Production: Unt. Forrest Goodluck and Sam Freed Project

Production Company: INDEPENDENT
Director: Forrest Goodluck
Producer: Forrest Goodluck, Sam Freed
Dates: Early December
Location: Albuquerque

About: Instructions: Email nativevetmovie@gmail.com with headshot/resume to receive sides and instructions to go on tape, please only email if you fit the role description. This is a non-union production.
Story: Unt. Forrest Goodluck and Sam Freed Project - This short film follows ALEX, an uber driver, and his strange encounters in the night. He is a strange person himself and is barely making ends meet when he has the most strange night of his life, and by the end, hopefully, he has learned to love himself.
‘Jamie’ (Female 20s) - Jamie is Alex’s blasé girlfriend. She is chill to the point of monotone. She is worried about her friends but would be hard-pressed to show emotion about it, but she is a good friend. In this bizzaro short, she is the “straight woman,” the one who keeps a level head. LEAD
‘Shawn’ (Male 20s) - Shawn is going through something. He has gone crazy and chases Alex around Albuquerque with a crowbar. He is a madman when we meet him, but in the end, we realize all he needed was a hug. LEAD

Contact Name: Forrest Goodluck
Contact Email: Forrest Goodluck
Contact Phone: 5052262482

Production: Low Hanging Fruit

Production Company: Max Highstein Music/Desert Heart Recordings
Director: Max Highstein
Producer: Max Highstein
Dates: TBD, Late Nov - Mid Dec 2022
Location: Santa Fe

About: This is a music video for the song, Low Hanging Fruit, by music artist Max Highstein. It's a light-hearted jazz/rock instrumental piece that calls for two attractive women roughly between the ages of 35 and 47. Dancing will be required, and dancing ability is a plus, but this piece won't require much more than what one would normally do at a party or a club. The mood of the piece is whimsical and humorous. There may be some opportunity for improvisation. Actors will be credited in the video and paid $100.

Please be Covid vaccinated and safe.

Please submit a photo, resume, and contact information and we'll go from there.

Information: Here's an example of a recent music video by Max Highstein:

And here are links to the song we'll be working on:
On Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/low-hanging-fruit/1646791363?i=1646791364
On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3ezWRX0mMV6GBHnwDa9oaS?si=f70e06f2e68949b6

Here's more about Max Highstein: https://maxhighsteinmusic.com

Contact Name: Max Highstein
Contact Email: Max Highstein
Contact Phone: 5054661055

Production: Hadaya

Production Company: Student Film
Director: Alica Mteuzi
Dates: November 19 & 20, Varied dates in December
Time: All Day
Location: Santa Fe & Albuquerque

About: My name is Alica Mteuzi, and I am a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM, and the director of an independent film that will be shot between mid-November and late December. The project is an Afro/Native Futurist narrative film about a fictionalized revolutionary armed force and their struggle for liberation through the eyes of the main character, a freedom fighter and assassin.

The work is non-union and unpaid, but it will be an opportunity to grow your production skills and to connect with other BIPOC creators in New Mexico. All actors will receive copy and credit. If you are interested in being cast, please respond with a headshot and the name(s) of who you would like to audition. If you would like to join the crew, please let me know your full name and what production area you prefer to be a part of. I can be reached at hadayacasting@gmail.com.


******Characters are Indigenous (North American) / Native American, Afro-Indigenous, African, Black / African American, and/or Latiné unless otherwise noted.******
HADAYA Female. 20’s-30’s. A radicalized assassin that pushes boundaries in her work and her personal life. She’s a force that can be intimidating but also free-spirited.
NAHKEE Female. 40’s-50’s. A decorated veteran and scholar turned ruthless revolutionary leader. Nahkee is a principled and wise leader trapped in a cycle of vengeance.
ZOE Female. 20’s-30’s. A disciplined yet hypervigilant saboteur with unwavering loyalty.
ADAM Male. 20’s-30’s. Adam is a pacifist with a kind heart and a savior complex.
BOBBY Male. 20’s-30’s. Athletic, funny.
KARFI Male. 20’s-30’s. Athletic, intense.
MIKIYA Female. 20’s-30’s. Athletic, serious, tough exterior but a softy at heart
NEWS REPORTER. All genders. 30’s-70’s. Professional media speech.
TAYSHA All genders. Age 2-4.
ARSEN All genders. 20’s-30’s. white. Knowledgeable/ know it all.
BORDER AGENT. All genders. 40’s-60’s.
DONALD Male. 40’s-60’s. white. medium to heavy build.

Information: Actors, please send a headshot/selfie with your name, height, location, and tribal affiliation (if any) to hadayacasting@gmail.com

Those interested in working as crew, please send your resume along with your location and contact information to hadayacasting@gmail.com

Contact Name: Alica Mteuzi
Contact Email: Alica Mteuzi
Contact Phone: 4158575974

Production: Sorrow of the Soul

Production Company: XV FILMS
Director: Brandon Martinez
Producer: Brandon Martinez
Dates: Mid-December 2022
Location: Rio Rancho

About: After the death of his father, Damien struggles to keep up with his relationship with Emma. He must power through the weight of grief and sorrow, and deal with the presence of depression manifested.

Information: SEEKING:
Damien: LEAD, Male in his early 20s, struggling with grief and his relationship.
Emma: Female in her early 20s, Damien's partner who tries her hardest to deal with his grief.

Low-budget student short. If interested, please email and I will send the script over to you.

Thank you!

Contact Name: Brandon Martinez
Contact Email: Brandon Martinez
Contact Phone: 5053897768

Production: Broadway Bound LIVE Season 2

Production Company: Katharsis Media
Director: Candice Neu
Producer: Candice Neu
Dates: February 5, 2023-May 28, 2023
Location: Albuquerque

About: Broadway Bound LIVE is a musical theatre competition show that follows 18 young Broadway hopefuls through 16 weeks of training in voice, acting, and dance, as they compete through 8 rounds of elimination to produce a musical theatre champion--and recipient of a $60,000 scholarship to AMDA College of the Performing Arts in New York City. This show is specifically designed for low income individuals between the ages of 18-28. Broadway Bound LIVE Season 2 will be broadcast on Comcast 96, KYNM (The Southwest Channel) and various public access stations across the nation.

Show Host: any gender, any ethnicity; ages 18-35. Energetic, ability to improvise. Singing and Dancing skills a plus, but not required. Host will facilitate the competitive rounds and serve as the spokesperson for Season 2.
COMPENSATION: $125/day approximately 12 days.

Contestants: any gender, any ethnicity; ages 18-28. Energetic, some ability to sing, dance, and act. Desire to work in professional musical theatre and willingness to attend AMDA College of the Performing Arts in Fall 2023 if they win.
Note: Contestants must be between the ages of 18-28 as of February 5, 2023 (not just able to play 18-28).
COMPENSATION: Contestants will receive over $3000 in scholarships for training in voice, acting, and dance over 16 weeks. In addition, they will receive professional headshots, model portfolio, and attendance to a variety of masterclasses. The winner will receive a $60,000 scholarship to AMDA College of the Performing Arts. Additional scholarships may also be available.

Information: Contestants must demonstrate financial need through either a FAFSA EFC score of 7500 or below or qualification for SNAP/TANF benefits. We can help potential contestants with this process if needed. If you believe you may qualify, please apply!

This show will film mostly on nights and weekends, so those that work or attend school during the day are able to participate.

Limited housing provided for out of town contestants.

Contact Name: Amanda Hoefler
Contact Email: Amanda Hoefler
Contact Phone: 505-585-5153

Production: Season of Starlings

Production Company: Outskirts 66 Fims
Director: Betsy Burke
Producer: Betsy Burke
Dates: Sunday, November 6
Time: Nov 6: 11 - 2:00
Location: Madrid, NM, the Engine House Theater at the Mine Shaft Tavern

About: PLEASE PREPARE A 1 minute monologue. Also there will be readings from the script.
email for audition packet: seasonofstarlings@hotmail.com
text only: 505-471-4735
Independent Gothic Ghost Feature Film about a girl and her Mom transplanted to a ghost town. 1973.
First weekend of shooting on November 19 & 20. This will be a long term commitment, as we will be shooting some weekends in Winter of 2022, and then some in the Spring.
Some pay. SAG ultra low budget and non-SAG.
Senior Thesis done in collaboration with SFCC.
website: seasonofstarlings.com

Information: SEEKING:
RAE, lead, 12-14 year old girl, tomboy, White, inquisitive, plucky. Starts scared but gains courage.
LEROY, 14-17 year old Hispanic, Native or mixed. Trixter, mischevious.
BERNA, 14-16 year old Hispanic, Native, or mixed. Wise cracking know-it-all.
VICTORIA, 16-18 year old Hispanic or mixed. Abandoned mother, troubled and emotionally damaged.
HELEN, 11-14 year old, Native. Ghost. Calm, ethereal.
HARRIET, 6-9 year old, Ghost. Calm, ethereal. Doesn't speak but strong presence.
FEATURED EXTRAS 6-18 years old to play ghosts around a campfire. Can be younger sisters/brothers of other players.
PLEASE PREPARE A 1 MINUTE MONOLOGUE. Also there will be readings from the script

Contact Name: Betsy Burke
Contact Email: Betsy Burke
Contact Phone: 505-257-8147 text only

Production: Lost Time

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Micheal Quinn
Dates: May 19-22 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: A young couple trying to get away for the weekend, during there travels they meet a mysterious stranger in need. Kindness will be tested, a weekend flipped on its head and derailed by a stranger

Information: I would like to audition for the roles of Xavier and Darius

Contact Name: Miguel Najera
Contact Email: Miguel Najera
Contact Phone: 5753020213


Production Company: Short Student Film
Director: Bronson Dunphy
Producer: Bronson Dunphy
Dates: Mid-February 2022
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

About: Kirk Alan, a former investigative journalist, begins piecing together a murder case on well-known biochemist, Dr. Albert Gains. Without enough evidence to hold him in court, Kirk takes matter into his own hands, abducting Dr. Gains and attempting to get a confession himself. – Kirk Alan. Late 20s – early 40s. Caucasian. Male. Intelligent, dedicated to his profession of Journalism. Haunted by his past. – Dr. Albert Gains. Mid 40s – late 50s. Caucasian. Male. Arrogant and manipulative. Borderline sociopath.

Information: Note: No longer accepting submissions after 12/31/2021

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224

Production: “Lost Time”

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: May 19-22, 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: “A young couple with plans to get away for the weekend, but with a turn of events they end up helping a mysterious stranger in need. There’s more to this stranger than meets the eyes. What they thought would be a nice weekend trip is derailed by a helpless stranger. Their kindness is tested as they learn more about the stranger.”

Information: Casting For: XAVIER: MALE, late 20s, mellow, easygoing. JASMINE: FEMALE: mid 20s, caring, inquisitive. DARIUS: MALE, late 20s, humorous, charismatic. JAMES: MALE, 60s, mysterious, soft-spoken. RANGER RICK: MALE, mid 40s, good moral character AARON: MALE, 8-12

Contact Email: firststone00@gmail.com

Production: “QUINN EAST”

Production Company: Michael Film Production
Director: Michael Williams
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: January 4, 2022
Time: TBA

About: Marvel Movie Studios

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224

Production: THE CURSE

Production Company: Winning Spirit and Sons LLC
Director: Nathan Fielder
Producer: A24
Dates: 8/11-10/15
Location: Santa Fe, NM

About: We are looking for a local Santa Fe or Albuquerque Production Secretary to assist with travel. This is not a full travel coordinating position, it is much more a travel assistant job. Our coordinator needs assistance with some bookings, making travel itineraries and keeping the tracking grids updated. Our office is in Santa Fe but the right candidate can work remotely from home.

The position will start immediately and run through mid-October. Candidate must be computer literate and extremely detail oriented.

Contact Name: Courtney Tait
Contact Email: ctait.prod@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 7756869198

Job or Volunteer Opportunity submitted by Benjamin Barlow

Information: My name is Ben, and I am the Manager of Family Engagement at APS.  Part of our work involves the online learning video series Families Connected.  I am hoping that you can share this opportunity with your film students. 

We are looking for someone to fill a position that involves filming and editing short videos for an online learning series called Families Connected. The purpose of the series is to help families navigate the educational system at APS. You can check out our existing videos here: 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVsLj-scUhq0zLLbOhp-bSA . 

All the videos are produced using our own (modest) equipment, and we have a PC with the Adobe Suite for editing. Some videos are animated using a program called PowToons. The position is a part-time, short-term hourly position, lasting from now til the end of June 2023. The pay is $18.00/hr, and hours are flexible, 30 hours per week, depending on the candidates’ availability. 

The ideal candidate will have experience working with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects and feel confident working on all stages of production, from script to filming to post-production. This is a great opportunity for someone to build their experience/portfolio.  The candidate will work under the supervision of the Families Connected Videography Coordinator.  

We are looking for someone as soon as possible and will be interviewing in mid-December. To apply, please submit a resume, cover letter and link to portfolio by email to benjamin.barlow@aps.edu. If you have any questions about the job please do not hesitate to email or call.
Here is the original job posting:https://hrd.aps.edu/workspace/wSpace.exe?Action=wsJobsMain&JobPosting=00053003

Contact Name: Benjamin Barlow
Contact Email: Benjamin Barlow
Contact Phone: 6018427753

Production: Native Lens Media Fellowship

Production Company: Native Lens & Vision Maker Media
Dates: February 24, 2002 - March 4, 2022
Location: Durango and Ignacio, Colorado, on Southern Ute land

About: My name is Colleen Thurston and I am the Project Coordinator for Native Lens, a digital video series by Rocky Mountain PBS and KSUT Tribal Radio. I am reaching out to you today as we are partnering with Vision Maker Media to launch the first annual Native Lens Media Fellowship.

The Native Lens Media Fellowship is open for applicants from American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians aged 18-24 interested in learning the craft of video production and digital storytelling. The fellowship will take place in-person in Durango and Ignacio, Colorado, on Southern Ute land. Participants will meet for several hours each day from February 25 - March 3, 2023, with project facilitators and Native filmmaker mentors to learn about story development, production and post-production practices. Fellows will produce short videos that will premiere in a showcase at the Durango Independent Film Festival on Saturday, March 4.

Information: For more information and to apply please visit https://forms.gle/K1tjHRpA7LjtpiT67

Contact Name: Colleen Thurston
Contact Email: colleen@nativelens.org

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Sheryl Roberts

Dates: Ongoing beginning November 2022 (Saturdays)
Time: Afternoon
Location: Santa Fe

Information: Would you like to have a lot of fun and learn acting skills at the same time? If you do, then IMPROV is for you!
Even if you don't want to become and professional actor, this class is great fun and really helpful for your mental health and joy. Improvisation is silly and creative and participants will have a ball. "Letting is all go" has been show to improve your well being. If you're a pro, brand new to any form of acting or comedy, or just someone who wants to be artistically active with other people, give this class a try.

Call 505-204-4708 for info or to sign up.
Classes start soon and are limited.
Improv will be taught by Sheryl Roberts and team.

Contact Name: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Email: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Phone: 505-204-4708

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Mike Kimmel

Dates: Ongoing Monthly Acting Class
Time: Saturday: 10 AM-1 PM
Location: Online Weeklyy Acting Class via Zoom

Information: Positive, highly specific feedback in a safe, mutually supportive environment for actors to collaborate, learn to think outside-the-box, take risks, hone their craft, stretch, and grow.
A practical, no-nonsense approach to coaching actors of all ages and skill levels, working the way directors work on stage and screen. The goal is always to simplify and demystify the acting and auditioning process. The work we do in class removes real and imagined roadblocks for beginners and experienced actors alike.
Everyone works in every class. No egos. No favorites. No kidding.
Instructor Mike Kimmel has been a working actor-writer for 20+ years in L.A., N.Y.C., and throughout the U.S., and is an award-winning author of 9 books in the Performing Arts.

Contact Name: Mike Kimmel
Contact Email: Mike Kimmel
Contact Phone: 818-404-3814

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Eb Lottimer

Dates: 9/20/22
Time: 6:30 to 9:30
Location: Albuquerque

Information: This is an ongoing Film/TV Acting class for actors to hone their craft on camera and find their individual expression of truth.

Contact Name: Eb Lottimer
Contact Email: Eb Lottimer
Contact Phone: 505-310-0871

Class, Workshop or Training submitted by Sheryl Roberts

Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Santa Fe

Information: New Exciting Acting Classes in Santa Fe
Learn all the skills you need to start your acting career! New Mexico is getting busier with more productions! You need your chops to compete. You will also learn "the business of the business" taught by a pro in the industry who knows how to guide you to success. The classes are perfect for extras who want to move up. Private and semi-private instruction available. One on one instruction is the fastest way to advance. With so many outlets (streaming) for television and film every age group is working now. Classes are the best way to begin or propel your professional career.

Call (505) 204-4708 for more information or to register. All classes are held in Santa Fe.

Contact Name: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Email: Sheryl Roberts
Contact Phone: 5052044708


Dates: Beginning June 2022
Time: Day and Evening
Location: Los Angeles

Information: As a Talent Manager, Coach and Consultant, Susan has garnered a reputation with National Talent Agencies, Producers and Casting Directors as having a great eye for talent. She began as a Talent Coordinator for CBS, NBC and PBS. She has cast projects with premier directors. Top agencies request her client list on a regular basis. She has discovered talent for major film and series roles. Her clients are well recognized actors who have been cast for lead roles right off their tapes for NICK, DiSNEY, ABC, FOX, Cable Networks and Films. She teaches "The Art Of The Audition" and "Character Development. She offers private online coaching and career guidance. Group Zoom classes are not available as Susan believes in developing individual skill sets unique to each actor. Four week packages are tailored to develop authentic characters and audition strategies. The playing field is level across the country as casting is universally being administered via Zoom. Sessions are designed with flexible schedules and make-up opportunities. Actors are also provided with free audition coaching for projects they are up for if they are enrolled in on-going sessions.

In the audition process actors will learn the rhythm and pacing of all genres. She will guide you in setting yourself up for a professional and realistic taped portrayal with proper lighting and also help the person who reads with you for the necessary pacing.

The fee for each 4 week session is $300.00.

Contact Name: Susan Nickells
Contact Email: Susan Nickells
Contact Phone: 310-497-3292


Dates: Ongoing
Location: Virtual Webinar

About: Training for Background Actors

Information: FREE to NM Residents

Register to Attend:

Online Class

About: Professional online acting coaching during these uncertain times is being offered by LA casting director/producer Sheryl Robert’s. These are one on one sessions in which Sheryl will go into depth with you covering all aspects of acting.
Cold read and script analysis and the audition process will be covered heavily.
Great acting is about truth.

Information: Please call (505) 204-4708 for questions or to register

Grant or Scholarship submitted by Brock Moses

Information: Ab pariatur Eius pr

Contact Name: Brock Moses
Contact Email: Brock Moses
Contact Phone: +1 (512) 941-7263