Film Crew Advancement Program (FCAP)

FCAP applications must be submitted at least 30 days before principal photography begins.

Please note that “Phase I,” “Phase II,” and “Phase III” must be completed via our on-line portal. 

This on-the-job training program focuses on NM residents working in primarily technical industry positions.  This program serves as an incentive for participating companies to provide job opportunities to New Mexico residents who are ready to move up within their department or are adding a new skill set.  All FCAP participants must have a mentor.  The FCAP program provides a 50% reimbursement of the qualifying participants’ wages for up to 1040 hours physically worked by the crew member.  Companies are approved by the Chair of the JTIP Board. Example: a NM Grip who is ready to move up to the Best Boy position would qualify. The Key Grip would be that crew member’s mentor.

FCAP Guidelines

New User Portal Registration

FCAP Portal (Phase I, Phase II and Phase III)

FCAP Approved Job Titles

FCAP Trainee Application

OSS Trainee Application

Detailed earnings report Summary from Production


FCAP / Operation Soundstage (OSS)

A sub-program of FCAP for military veterans and reserve component members in New Mexico.  Operation Soundstage adds an additional position on each production to be available specifically to a New Mexico veteran. To be eligible for Operations Soundstage, veterans must be registered with the New Mexico Workforce Connection.  Please contact: Chris Zaffra, State Veterans Coordinator, Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG) Program, Tribal Liaison and Agency Point of Contact for Federal Contractors, New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions Phone:  (505) 841-8517 or Email:  List of OSS Resumes – coming soon!


FCAP applications must be submitted at least 30 days before principal photography begins.

Step one: Email the production companies Federal W-9 form to

Step two: The company must create an online account (“user id” and “password”) through the online portal. CLICK HERE to register and create an online account (Note: the portal works best with Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  If the “user” has created an account with another project – we recommend that the “user” create a new online account with a new email address (i.e. create a production email).


Must be completed via the online portal: submission of federal W-9 form, FCAP company Application (via portal, estimated list of trainee positions) and signed and dated FCAP agreement (NMFO will generate and send for signature by the UPM or higher).


Must be completed via the online portal (must be completed within the first week of principal photography): submission of FCAP trainee applications and resumes to the portal, preliminary crew list and day 1 call sheet uploaded to the portal).

  • When submitting day 1 call sheet (attached to portal during Phase II), last day call sheet (emailed to Sr. Manager at wrap), preliminary crew list (attached to portal during Phase II) and final crew list  (emailed to Sr. Manager at wrap), production will need to highlight trainees in yellow and mentors in another color.  Please highlight documents before submitting.


Completed after wrap: submission of final crew list, last day call sheet and detailed earnings report excel sheet of approved FCAP trainees to Rochelle Bussey.

Detailed payroll reports must be sent with the detailed earnings report excel sheet.  Helpful notes:

  • FCAP trainees must work a minimum of 80 hours.
  • 1040 hours is the max allowed.  Hours may be updated if FCAP trainee has “open” hours from another production.
  • Only hours physically worked will be approved (i.e. standard time, over time).
  • Hourly wage must be consistent.  If not consistent the production will need to justify.
  • Benefits, kit rentals, etc. are not allowed.

For FCAP / OSS questions please contact: Rochelle Bussey, Sr. Manager of Operations and Workforce Development Programs – phone #: 505-476-5600 or E-Mail:

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