Casting Calls

Production: Sonidito

Production Company: Istoria LLC
Director: Enrique Cruz Torres
Producer: Leanna Walters
Dates: 12/28/23-12/29/23
Time: 2 days (8 hour days)
Location: Albuquerque, NM

About: *Synopsis*
"Produced by Istoria Studio, SONIDITO is a coming-of-age, musically-rooted short film. We follow Lucia, a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States for a better life. All Lucia knows is to play music; ironically, she now works as a janitor at a music school. Over the years, her passion has been reduced to merely cleaning instruments and never playing what was so dear to her. Everything changes when Sonya, a 14-year-old Mexican-American girl, arrives for her audition to enter the music school. Sonya is timid and suffers from stage fright. The two characters are paired over a weekend practice session. While Lucia cleans, Sonya rehearses. Sonya's persistent nature reignites Lucia’s musical passion. In return, Lucia teaches Sonya a few tricks she picked up from playing her whole life to give Sonya a shot for a spot in the music school.”

Principal Role
RATE: $300 + Credit, copy, meals, and travel/accomendation (if non-local). LEAD.
SONYA - 14 to 16 years old, Hispanic girl, second-generation American. Sonya is a talented musician with intense persistence and determination. However, her greatest challenge is her lack of confidence and crippling stage fright. When Sonya arrives at the music school ahead of her audition, her commitment to rehearsing despite the odds resonates with Lucia, the school janitor and an ex-musician. Their new friendship sets the stage for a life-changing audition for both characters.

RATE: $300 + Credit, copy, meals, and travel/accomendation (if non-local). LEAD.
LUCIA - 40 to 60 years old, Hispanic woman. Lucia is an older Mexican immigrant with a passionate appreciation for music and withered dreams of playing music professionally. After years of struggle and survival, Lucia's dreams are all but on indefinite hold. To make ends meet, she works as the janitor at a prestigious music school. After a chance encounter with a young girl determined to be admitted into the school, Lucia comes face to face with the incredible realization that dreams, and passion, never truly die. Lucia's story depicts the sacrifices often made by first-generation immigrants.

Supporting Role
RATE: $150. Credit, copy, meals.
ADMISSION JUDGE - 25 to 40 years old, White man. Imposing, intimidating, no-nonsense admissions judge for a prestigious music school. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." **NEW MEXICO LOCAL TALENT ONLY.**

Information: Email a headshot or selfie to for video audition instructions. Subject line: Audition "SONIDITO”

Contact Name: Enrique Cruz
Contact Email: Enrique Cruz
Contact Phone: 5059207560

Production: Memoire of Water Urn

Director: Hyonok Kim
Producer: Hyonok Kim
Dates: 12/12/2023
Time: 2-5pm
Location: Albuquerque

About: Independant Short film by award winning film director, to be shot late April-early May in Taos and Alamagordo areas.
1-5 days of shooting

Information: Looking for:
1) 1-2 women, non-white (asian, hispanic, native-american, black), 25-45yo, slender to normal build. $300/day
2) 1 child (m/f), non-white (asian, hispanic, native-american, black), 6-9yo $200/day

Contact Name: Hyonok Kim
Contact Email: Hyonok Kim
Contact Phone: (917) 244-0168

Production: Negative space

Production Company: Wormtime Productions
Director: Aaron Razi
Producer: Hallie Gould
Dates: Jan5-9
Location: Taos,NM
Contact Name: Jennifer Pinaula
Contact Email: Jennifer Pinaula
Contact Phone: 3466445385

Production: Mother

Production Company: UNM Capstone
Director: Laura Olona
Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Albuquerque

About: Casting women. All ages, races, look and style.
All roles have no dialogue, just action.

Mother is a non narrative feminist film about the relationship between womanhood and nature. This film sets out to bring a philosophical experience to the everyday life of women and to bring awareness to our everyday struggles as well.

Specific roles:
Pregnant women
Musicians, dancers, artists
Older women
Women with unique features

Information: Dates and times for filming are dependent on actress availability.
Filming will be outside for no longer than 4 hrs.
This is a student capstone project so all roles will be unpaid, but food will be provided if necessary. For inquiries, please send a headshot and resume to Laura Olona at to receive more information.

Contact Name: Laura Olona
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (405) 421-5747

Production: Jasper Reed

Production Company: UNM Capstone
Director: Eric George
Producer: Dominic Peralta
Dates: Jan 26-30th 2024
Time: TBD
Location: Albuquerque

About: Jasper Reed is a young, rookie spy who, while on his first mission becomes unexpectedly intrigued by a civilian. This is a story about innocent love and the cost of breaking the rules.

Information: Charlotte: Mid to late 20s, attractive, single career mother

Nigel Thurston: Mid to late 20s with a career in weapons development, recruited by an unnamed organization. Slender/lanky with a sharp appearance

Abigail: Mid to late 20s who recruits Nigel for the unnamed organization, ex-military, fighter

Sue: Mid to late 30s, large ex-mercenary, security for Abigail

Contact Name: Dominic Peralta
Contact Email: Dominic Peralta
Contact Phone: (505)504-1380

Production: The Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy

Production Company: Weekend Entertainment LLC.
Director: Marc S. Lynch
Producer: Marc S. Lynch
Dates: 2024
Time: TBA
Location: The Actor Lab, 1213 Parkway Dr. Santa Fe. New Mexico

About: A spiritual ex-convict and a suicidal college professor have a philosophical debate about the meaning of life, purpose and theology.

Information: College Professor: White Male, Intellectual and very opinionated. Age Range 65 to 75.
The Sunset Limited: A One Act Play
Albuquerque and Santa Fe., residents encouraged to submit Resume and Headshot to Marc Lynch,

Thank you

Contact Name: Mark Lynch
Contact Email: Mark Lynch
Contact Phone: 5055089393

Production: Cultura

Production Company: PBS
Director: Paul Herrera
Producer: Paul Herrera
Dates: 2023-2024
Time: tbd
Location: New Mexico

About: "At 'Cultura,' our mission is to celebrate and promote the richness of Hispanic culture, with a special focus on the captivating tapestry found in New Mexico. Through fabulous, food, interviews, extraordinary talent, and visually stunning imagery, we aim to showcase the best of Hispanic heritage within the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico. Our goal is to provide a platform that not only highlights the diverse traditions and artistry of our community but also reveals the profound connection between culture and the breathtaking topography of this region. 'Cultura' seeks to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of this unique blend, offering viewers a window into the heart and soul of New Mexico's Hispanic heritage."

Information: Currently, we are seeking the following:

Hispanic war veterans
cooks (little viejitas that cook chile, tamales, posole and tortillas)
short tory tellers
break dancers
people with interesting jobs
interesting people
anybody and everybody is encouraged to apply
My name is Paul Herrera, I aim to change the reputation of New Mexico, I take it real seriously, and honestly,
I just want to show the world how amazing New Mexicans really are!!!

please email

write on the subject line : your talent and part of the State of New Mexico you are from

and a short email explaining your talent along with all your contact info

Contact Name: Paul Herrera
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 505-907-4248


Producer: Lance Hill
Dates: April 16-20th ..2024
Time: 9am -3pm
Location: Albuquerque NM

About: Film Shooting 5Days No Pay ,Good Work Experience and IDMB Exsposure ..Non Union Provide Head Shots/Resume by Email Food will be provided day of Production each day we will Start 9am to 3pm

Information: Looking For Females 25-40 .Males 25-50 With a Mexican Look But Speak English for a Kidnapping Role were there taken from a Area on the side of the Road Hitch Hiking and family a member goes on a Rampage to find them and will do anything to get them back on the Streets on New Mexico

Contact Name: Lance G Hill
Contact Email: Lance G Hill
Contact Phone: 2402997191

Production: Lost Time

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Micheal Quinn
Dates: May 19-22 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: A young couple trying to get away for the weekend, during there travels they meet a mysterious stranger in need. Kindness will be tested, a weekend flipped on its head and derailed by a stranger

Information: I would like to audition for the roles of Xavier and Darius

Contact Name: Miguel Najera
Contact Email: Miguel Najera
Contact Phone: 5753020213


Production Company: Short Student Film
Director: Bronson Dunphy
Producer: Bronson Dunphy
Dates: Mid-February 2022
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

About: Kirk Alan, a former investigative journalist, begins piecing together a murder case on well-known biochemist, Dr. Albert Gains. Without enough evidence to hold him in court, Kirk takes matter into his own hands, abducting Dr. Gains and attempting to get a confession himself. – Kirk Alan. Late 20s – early 40s. Caucasian. Male. Intelligent, dedicated to his profession of Journalism. Haunted by his past. – Dr. Albert Gains. Mid 40s – late 50s. Caucasian. Male. Arrogant and manipulative. Borderline sociopath.

Information: Note: No longer accepting submissions after 12/31/2021

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224

Production: “Lost Time”

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: May 19-22, 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: “A young couple with plans to get away for the weekend, but with a turn of events they end up helping a mysterious stranger in need. There’s more to this stranger than meets the eyes. What they thought would be a nice weekend trip is derailed by a helpless stranger. Their kindness is tested as they learn more about the stranger.”

Information: Casting For: XAVIER: MALE, late 20s, mellow, easygoing. JASMINE: FEMALE: mid 20s, caring, inquisitive. DARIUS: MALE, late 20s, humorous, charismatic. JAMES: MALE, 60s, mysterious, soft-spoken. RANGER RICK: MALE, mid 40s, good moral character AARON: MALE, 8-12

Contact Email:

Production: “QUINN EAST”

Production Company: Michael Film Production
Director: Michael Williams
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: January 4, 2022
Time: TBA

About: Marvel Movie Studios

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224