Casting Calls

Production: Hey GUys

Production Company: Lief Darling Stills + Film
Director: Heidi Fahrenwald
Producer: Esther Miller
Dates: 06/19/2023-07/19/2023
Time: TBA
Location: Santa Fe, NM`

About: “Hey Guys” focuses on a young social-media influencer.
Set in their apartment, the short film evokes questions of fact vs. fiction, authenticity in media output, and implications with modern technology in how we view ourselves. No previous acting experience is required. Preference for actors with ballet or modern dance experience. Filming will take place in Santa Fe, NM

Information: NAMELESS INFLUENCER (16-30): An emotionally complex young girl with an upbeat personality and voice. She considers herself an influencer. The entirety of the 9-minute film takes place in her home.
To audition, please send the following to
1. self-made 1-3 minute video of yourself as an influencer speaking to a virtual audience. Voiceover will be a big component, so we are requesting clean audio.
2. Headshot
3. Name and Age

Contact Name: Esther Miller
Contact Phone: 2149032488

Production: Post 1776 Sitcom Pilot

Production Company: Post 1776, LLC
Director: Lance Polland
Producer: Jay Kliewer
Dates: June 26-29
Time: TBD
Location: Albequerque, NM

With members dying off Gabriel Edwards, Veteran Legion Post 1776 Commander must lead the remaining reluctant members to recruit apathetic younger Veterans to grow membership. Have you ever tried to get your grandparents to do what you want?

To round out our 10-person ensemble we are auditioning

Thursday, May 25, 2023
2:30—4:30 PM
in the
Uptown, Albuquerque, NM Area


Felix Taylor, 70+, Black Male, Ladies Man
Manuel Gomez, 65+, Hispanic Male, Know it all
Tom Bustos, 65+, Filipino (Asian), Assertive

Audition location will be emailed to you.

Information: "You can take the Veteran out of the war,
but you can't take the war out of the Veteran"

A 30-minute Serial Mockumentary Sitcom Veteran Legion Post 1776 “The Office” meets “How I met your Mother” meets “Golden Girls” a national program filmed in Albuquerque.

Set at a typical Veteran Post anywhere in the USA. This story is about a 10-person ensemble representing 18.5 million Veterans.

In the pilot episode, the Young Veteran Mike Bixby breaks down in front of a Veteran Legion. Little does he know the Curmudgeon, Flirty old guy, and Dad joke orator Veterans and the other members assist him in enrolling in the VA. During the weekly Cornhole competition, the ensemble group realizes unless they can get more members in, they will lose their lease.

Contact Name: Jay Kliewer
Contact Phone: 901.293.4112

Production: Descent

Production Company: Antietam-Santiago LLC in conjunction w/Woburn-Roxbury Media
Director: Simone Lee
Producer: Shawn Vanden
Dates: May 26-27
Time: TBD
Location: Santa Fe, NM

About: Descent
"Nothing's as it appears, yet everything's connected"

Ian's psychic healing over the mysterious disappearance/loss of his wife Amelia as we pick up our story a year later. Ian & his daughter Jo are coping with the reality that she's likely dead. Jo requested her Father file for a Death Certificate so she could have her Father bring closure to something he's yet to terms & fully accept.

Ian awakes to a strange, fellini-esque dream/alternate astral plane in an old west mining town, startled by it's "Reality." Ian turns to reach for his Journal (therapist prescribed) jotting notes about what happened so he can document the experience for his next weekly session.

Ian's handed the mail by his daughter, realizing he's received his wife (Jo's Mother's) "Death Certificate" in the mail. An emotional moment of realization occurs, as Ian begins to immediately go for closure on this sad chapter, filing his wife's Survivor Benefits.

Upon doing so, Ian discovers his wife has a Deed for an expansive, abandoned Gold Mine in Bannack Montana. Ian digs deeper, discovering maps, records, then a wide-shot photo of a group of 1864 Bannack Residents standing in front of an unidentified gold mine.

Things begin to go off the Rails from here...

Information: Greetings everyone;

I'm Simone Lee, a new arrival to Santa Fe from the Mid-Atlantic/DMV. I am enthralled to bring our "Psychological/Metaphysical Thriller" Pilot/Serial to New Mexico as this POC is our 1st step to test the waters, showcase our talent & deliver story.

We're producing a "Short" or POC (Proof of Concept) to share with some Streamer friends. We have an original, compelling Story/Saga integrating real historical places & events, woven into a time/space parallels/alternate universe odyssey.

It is inspired by my favorite Thriller writer/directors Rod Serling & Alfred Hitchcock, who knew how to do so much, with so little.
We're seeking talented/passionate actors who can deliver nuanced performances & take direction.

We will pay a travel stipend to all actors, as well as be in the front-of-the-line consideration for Principal Roles for the Pilot & subsequent episodes. Prefer SAG Actors, but will consider all who bring mojo, patience & passion to Rehearsal/Set.

peace, love & light ~

Simone Lee,

Contact Name: Simone Lee
Contact Email: Simone Lee
Contact Phone: 301-524-0894

Production: Casting Call for Unique Families to star in Docu-series

Production Company: Invent TV
Producer: Joey Gemelli
Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: All of New Mexico

About: Now Casting Unique Families: TV Producers are Searching for not-so-typical families to star in their own TV docu-series! 

• Do you have a huge family with tons of children or multiples? 
• Do people often think your family dynamics are unusual, extreme, or shocking? Do they ask “how does that work?”
• Does your family navigate the world differently because of religion, beliefs, subcultures, lifestyle choices, or medical conditions?

We want to hear from you! 

To Be Considered or to nominate a family, please email with the following info: 
1. Name(s)
2. Phone Number
3. Tell us a little bit about your family and your lives. 
4. Attach some family photos
5. Include any websites & social media links that can help us get to know you better. 

Contact Name: Joey Gemelli
Contact Phone: 631-704-0217


Producer: Lance Hill
Dates: April 16-20th ..2024
Time: 9am -3pm
Location: Albuquerque NM

About: Film Shooting 5Days No Pay ,Good Work Experience and IDMB Exsposure ..Non Union Provide Head Shots/Resume by Email Food will be provided day of Production each day we will Start 9am to 3pm

Information: Looking For Females 25-40 .Males 25-50 With a Mexican Look But Speak English for a Kidnapping Role were there taken from a Area on the side of the Road Hitch Hiking and family a member goes on a Rampage to find them and will do anything to get them back on the Streets on New Mexico

Contact Name: Lance G Hill
Contact Email: Lance G Hill
Contact Phone: 2402997191

Production: Lost Time

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Micheal Quinn
Dates: May 19-22 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: A young couple trying to get away for the weekend, during there travels they meet a mysterious stranger in need. Kindness will be tested, a weekend flipped on its head and derailed by a stranger

Information: I would like to audition for the roles of Xavier and Darius

Contact Name: Miguel Najera
Contact Email: Miguel Najera
Contact Phone: 5753020213


Production Company: Short Student Film
Director: Bronson Dunphy
Producer: Bronson Dunphy
Dates: Mid-February 2022
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

About: Kirk Alan, a former investigative journalist, begins piecing together a murder case on well-known biochemist, Dr. Albert Gains. Without enough evidence to hold him in court, Kirk takes matter into his own hands, abducting Dr. Gains and attempting to get a confession himself. – Kirk Alan. Late 20s – early 40s. Caucasian. Male. Intelligent, dedicated to his profession of Journalism. Haunted by his past. – Dr. Albert Gains. Mid 40s – late 50s. Caucasian. Male. Arrogant and manipulative. Borderline sociopath.

Information: Note: No longer accepting submissions after 12/31/2021

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224

Production: “Lost Time”

Production Company: First Stone
Director: Dannelle Kirven
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: May 19-22, 2022
Time: TBA
Location: Albuquerque

About: “A young couple with plans to get away for the weekend, but with a turn of events they end up helping a mysterious stranger in need. There’s more to this stranger than meets the eyes. What they thought would be a nice weekend trip is derailed by a helpless stranger. Their kindness is tested as they learn more about the stranger.”

Information: Casting For: XAVIER: MALE, late 20s, mellow, easygoing. JASMINE: FEMALE: mid 20s, caring, inquisitive. DARIUS: MALE, late 20s, humorous, charismatic. JAMES: MALE, 60s, mysterious, soft-spoken. RANGER RICK: MALE, mid 40s, good moral character AARON: MALE, 8-12

Contact Email:

Production: “QUINN EAST”

Production Company: Michael Film Production
Director: Michael Williams
Producer: Michael Quinn
Dates: January 4, 2022
Time: TBA

About: Marvel Movie Studios

Contact Phone: 541-777-9224