Permit Tips & Contacts

The standard insurance requirement for shooting in New Mexico is a $1,050,000 comprehensive general liability insurance policy, (which is the limit of the New Mexico Tort Claims Act). It is required by all public permitting agencies. It must be issued in the form of an original certificate, covering the entire period of the shoot, naming the permit issuing agency and its employees as additionally insured. Additional coverage may be required for hazardous work such as highway stunts.

Temporary Food Service Permits
Any food service operation not licensed by the State of New Mexico must apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit from the New Mexico Environment Department. For more information call the Field Operations Division, 505-827-1840.

American Humane Association
If you are using animals in your project, contact the American Humane Association.

Film and Television Unit
11530 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604
818-501-0123, Fax: 818-501-8725

Fire & Explosives Regulation/Contacts

LP Gas Chief Inspector
James Morrison, Special Effects Manager
(505) 286-4616 office
(505) 795-1632 cell

LP Gas Bureau
Brenda Hoffman
5200 Oakland Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113-2389
(505) 222-9808 office

Bernalillo County Fire Department
Permit & Special Event Application and Guidelines
General Office: (505) 761-4225

Lt. Chris Gober
Film Liaison/Deputy Fire Marshal
(505) 314-0130
(505) 263-4635 Cell

Santa Fe County Marshall
Buster Patty (505) 992-3075

State Fire Marshall
Don Shainin (505) 476-0173 or (505) 470-1227