Transportation Permits


New Mexico imposes a weight-distance tax on owners, operators, and registrants of certain intra and interstate commercial vehicle. Click here for additional information.

Ports of Entry

New Mexico state law requires that all commercial motor carrier vehicles enter, leave, and travel through the New Mexico on designated highways, and must stop at every operating port of entry for manifesting and clearance stickers. Click here for additional information.

State Highway Permits

The New Mexico Highway & Transportation Department allows filming, with permission, on its State highways and, in some cases, the Interstate system. Contact the appropriate District below for more information.

City and County Roads

Shooting is normally allowed on city and county roads. Permission must be requested in advance from the appropriate municipal or county government. For referral to the city and county officials, contact the applicable local government for permits and permissions.

Traffic Control & Road Closures

Any impact to the access of a public right-of-way must be coordinated with the law enforcement entity having jurisdiction.

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

For traffic or crowd control purposes, New Mexico State Police officers may be utilized. A memo of agreement is required.