Joining the Network

Process to Become a Sanctioned State Film Liaison

  1. Submit a letter of endorsement stating you are the State Film Liaison from a local government official, such as your Mayor, City Manager, County Commissioner or a Tribal Official to the NMFO; and
  2. Contact the NMFO regarding the State Film Liaison Manual; and
  3. Attend a NMFO Location Photos Workshop; and
  4. Attend the NMFO Annual Liaisons Meeting; and
  5. Sign the Film Liaison Guidelines Agreement; and
  6. Fill out the Film Liaison Contact Sheet
  7. In addition, sanctioned film liaisons are encouraged to:
    Take the Film Fundamentals online course available through the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) website.

Communities may only have one designated State Film Liaison and some may choose to have one Assistant State Film Liaison. Either the endorsed State Film Liaison must email or write the NMFO to inform us of their designee or the assistant must have a letter of endorsement on letterhead submitted to the NMFO by a government official of the said city, community, county, tribe or pueblo.

For more information, please email or call 505-476-5600.