State Owned Buildings

“The property control division* of the general services department shall provide for the free access to state buildings by the motion picture industry.” –NMSA 1978 15-3B-7.1 *Property Control Division has now been merged with the Building Services Division and is referred to as the Facilities Management Division of General Services Department (GSD). 

The New Mexico Film Office facilitates location use of many state buildings and properties throughout New Mexico that are not subject to location fees. These properties house several different state agencies that are all managed by the Facilities Management Division of General Services Department (GSD). Certain restrictions apply, and in some instances, security and personnel fees may be required.

Please review the “Policies” document and follow the outlined process to request use of a state-owned property (under GSD) for a filming location: POLICY and PROCESS.

The film office is available to assist in arranging a scout and requests to be notified of all scouts that this office does not arrange.  Please do not submit the “Hold Request” form below until you are ready to provide a contract and insurance.  The Hold Form does two things: (1) creates a queue in case another production is also interested in the same location and (2) initiates the internal process of the state for approval of that location. NOTE: FILMING IS NOT ALLOWED AT OLD MAIN AT THIS TIME. Please email with any questions.

The Film Office does not provide film companies with a list of state buildings. Visit our Searchable Locations Database as for photographs of some of these properties.