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The New Mexico Film Office Announces Television Pilot “Don’t Look Now” has Concluded Principal Photography in New Mexico

Santa Fe, N.M. - New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the television sitcom pilot, "Don’t Look Now,” has wrapped principal photography in Albuquerque.

“Don’t Look Now” tells the story of a diverse group of teachers and staff at a training center for the visually impaired who must navigate the daily challenges of working for an underfunded nonprofit.

The pilot is executive produced and co-created by Rebecca S Meadows, a visually impaired author and entrepreneur, and was written and directed by Geno Marx.

The production team includes Shawna Chance (“The Craftsman”), Jamie H. Jung, and Geno Marx, with Reinhard Lorenz (“The Unexpecteds”) serving as line producer and co-producer. Michael Galante (“Good Trouble”) leads an ensemble cast featuring several low-vision actors such as Nathan Hurd (“She Hulk”), Jamie H. Jung (“Duster”), and Brian McCarthy.

The production employed 40 New Mexicans – 3 principal actors, 25 resident crew members, and several low-vision background players.

“Don’t Look Now” is a unique sitcom centered around the blind community and was shot on-location and with the support of the New Mexico Commission for the Blind.



Year: 2024

Project Type: TV Pilot

Status: Wrapped

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Producer: Rebecca S Meadows, Shawna Chance, Jamie H. Jung, and Geno Marx, Reinhard Lorenz

Cast: Nathan Hurd, Jamie H. Jung, Brian McCarthy