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New Mexico Film Office Announces Short Film “Summer Machine” Wraps Filming in New Mexico

Santa Fe, N.M. - New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the short film, “Summer Machine,” wrapped filming in and around Las Cruces and Alamogordo.

The film is directed by Michael Cassutt (“Z-Nation”) and produced by George R.R. Martin (“Dark Winds”), Elias Gallegos (“Ugly Chickens”), Steve Graham (“Walker: Independence”), and Mark Steinig (“I’ll Be Gone in June”). It is set to star Matt Frewer (“Watchmen”), Charles Martin Smith, Lina Esco (“S.W.A.T.”), Monique Candelaria (“Breaking Bad”), Ryan Begay (“Dark Winds”), and Eric Steinig (“Better Call Saul”) as they tell the story of two survivors of a brutal post-apocalyptic winter who stumble upon a hidden paradise, a community bathed in perpetual summer. But their arrival threatens to unravel the fragile utopia's secret.

"Las Cruces is extremely honored to host George R.R. Martin and his film ‘Summer Machine,’” Film Las Cruces President Jeff Steinborn stated. “We're huge fans of his and thrilled that he discovered Las Cruces as a great filming destination."

The production will employ over 100 New Mexicans, including 68 crew members, 41 background talent, and 7 principal actors.

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Year: 2024

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Wrapped

Producer: George R.R. Martin, Elias Gallegos, Steve Graham, and Mark Steinig

Director: Michael Cassutt

Cast: Matt Frewer, Charles Martin Smith, Lina Esco, Monique Candelaria, Ryan Begay, and Eric Steinig

  • Las Cruces
  • Alamogordo