Mary Margaret Road Grader

Production Announcement

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New Mexico Film Office Announces

Sci-Fi Short Film, “Mary Margaret Road-Grader,”

Wraps Production

Santa Fe, NM - Amber Dodson, the New Mexico State Film Office Director, announced

today that the short film, “Mary Margaret Road Grader,” completed filming in December

around Santa Fe.

The film is directed by Steven Paul Judd (“Dark Winds”), produced by George R.R. Martin

(“Game of Thrones”), and starring Crystle Lightning (“Outlander”), Martin Sensemier

(“Yellowstone”), and Cody Lightning (“Search for the Best Indian Taco”). “Mary Margaret

Road Grader,” a post-apocalyptic indigenous tale of a future with no horses, brings to life

the short story written by Howard Waldrop. In the time following the highway wars,

scores are settled with machines in the arena. Battle stakes are high for the best operator

as they fight for life, death, honor, and VIN tags.

“Howard Waldrop’s story of love, steel, and carnage come to life through Executive

Producer George R.R. Martin and is a short story like none other,” Judd explained.

The production employed approximately 69 New Mexico crew members, 107 background

actors and extras, and 11 New Mexico principal actors.

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Year: 2022

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Wrapped

Producer: George R.R. Martin

Director: Steven Paul Judd

Cast: Crystle Lightning, Martin Sensemier, and Cody Lightning