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New Mexico Film Office Announces the Film “Sunlight” Begins Filming

Santa Fe, NM – New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today the filming of the feature film “Sunlight” in and around Albuquerque and Madrid through April.

“Sunlight” is a story about a woman who runs away from her abusive home while hiding out and going under disguise in a monkey costume. The film will star Nina Conti, Shenoah Allen, Bill Wise, and local actress Melissa Chambers, be directed by Nina Conti (“Her Master’s Voice”), and be produced by Keagan Karnes (“Little Brother”) and Tabitha McDonald (“The Night Courier”) with Inspirado TV.

“I'm so excited to be making another film that will not only be shot but takes place in New Mexico,” Karnes said. “Nina Conti, our writer, director, and lead, is hilarious and has written an incredibly touching script. The entire team at Inspirado is so grateful for another opportunity to do what we love with such a talented cast and crew.”

"As a woman in the industry, it is incredibly exciting to be working with Nina Conti,” McDonald said. “Beyond her unique and captivating script, her distinctive voice and style drew me to this project. I’m proud to work with a filmmaker of her caliber and boldness alongside a primarily local cast and crew. Films with this kind of heart are what New Mexico needs."

The production will employ approximately 25 New Mexico crew members, 21 New Mexico principal actors, and 20 New Mexico background talent.

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Year: 2023

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: In Production

Producer: Keagan Karnes, Tabitha McDonald

Director: Nina Conti

Cast: Nina Conti, Shenoah Allen, Bill Wise, Melissa Chambers