NMTD: Winter in Zuni Pueblo

Production Announcement

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New Mexico Film Office Announces the Production of a Commercial Highlighting the Zuni Pueblo

Santa Fe, N.M. – New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that a commercial showcasing the Zuni Pueblo is filming through April.

Ryan Heffernan, whose past work ­includes RAM and REI commercials, will direct the commercial. Grayson Schaffer of Talweg Creative, who has worked on commercials for YETI and Chevrolet, will produce. The team is partnering with the New Mexico Tourism Department to spotlight the Zuni Pueblo in snow and sun. Kenny Bowekaty and Shaun Latone are cast as the principal talent.

The production will employ approximately 5 New Mexico crew members and 2 New Mexico principal actors.

For more information, contact info@talwegcreative.com.



Year: 2023

Project Type: Commercial

Status: In Production

Producer: Grayson Schaffer

Director: Ryan Heffernan

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