Spirit Catcher

Production Announcement

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New Mexico Film Office Announces Media Production “Spirit Catcher” by Marshall Monroe

Santa Fe, NM - Amber Dodson, the New Mexico State Film Office Director, announced today that the media-based fine artwork “Spirit Catcher,” by Marshall Monroe, will be produced in New Mexico.

A former Disney Creative Director and New Mexico native, Monroe is known for his “cinemedia” productions that use natural media simulation to create works for museums and numerous corporate and high-profile private collections.

This project is an extension of Monroe’s collaboration with renowned contemporary Western artist R. Tom Gilleon, using Monroe’s PIXoils™ Digital Canvas platform technology, and celebrates vintage photography from the American West.

“For this production, we will be starting with historical imagery based on early glass-plate negatives with exotic chemical processes and blending those with state-of-the-art 3D scene captures and ultra-high-resolution cinematography,” Monroe explained. “This piece involves three synchronized vertical panels of large scale, and it will create a sort of ‘picture opera’ with an original score.”

The production will employ approximately 5 New Mexico artists and 3 New Mexico technical staff.

For more information, contact hannah@mixonium.com



Year: 2023

Project Type: Digital & Interactive Media

Status: In Production