Jared's Journey

Wrapped Contacts

This project has notified our office that they have completed principal photography.

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Production Company
Subliminal Gaming LLC

NM Production Office
Ryan Woodward
(505) 489-4817

Post Production Accounting Office
Susan Miertl
(505) 220-7051

Production Announcement

Printable Announcement (PDF)

New Mexico Film Office Announces Arcade

Game “Jared’s Journey” From Meow Wolf

and Subliminal Gaming

Santa Fe, NM - Amber Dodson, the New Mexico State Film Office Director, announced

today Subliminal Gaming and Meow Wolf’s adventure arcade game, “Jared’s Journey,”

will be created in Albuquerque.

Directed by Shandiin Woodward, (“Button City”) and produced by Subliminal Gaming

(“Button City”), “Jared’s Journey” is a standalone arcade game where players guide the

main character, Jared, through the imaginative multiverse of Meow Wolf as he searches

for his family.

The project is yet another expansive and innovative way to experience New Mexico’s

established Meow Wolf art venture. “We are excited to be working in the wonderful and

imaginative multiverse of Meow Wolf by crafting a fun new way to experience their

exhibition at the new Meow Wolf Grapevine arcade,” Woodward said.

“New Mexico is a premier film and television production hub, though we are not limited

to these mediums. Video game production is an industry we welcome and strive to foster

within our digital media ecosystem,” Dodson said.

The arcade game production will employ approximately 4 New Mexico crew members.

For more information, contact hello@subliminalgaming.com.


Year: 2023

Project Type: Digital & Interactive Media

Status: Pre-Production

Producer: Subliminal Gaming

Director: Shandiin Woodward