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New Mexico Film Office Announces Interactive Digital Media Production Showcasing WWII Experiences

Santa Fe, NM - New Mexico State Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the production of Voices from the Front, an interactive digital media experience showcasing the firsthand stories of World War II for The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, will be created in Corrales.

Directed by Ideum Inc.’s Stacy Hasselbacher and produced by Jim Spadaccini, this project will engage visitors by creating a space for virtual interviews with members of the WWII generation. In collaboration with StoryFile, a leader in immersive technology and video capture, Ideum’s team designed an intuitive user interface that will allow museum guests to personally engage with veterans, Home Front workers, and other witnesses to the war after they are no longer with us to share their stories.

Produced by StoryFile, each Voices from the Front interview includes approximately 1,000 questions about each of the subject’s lives and wartime experiences, creating a robust repository of responses for the software to match verbal questions from visitors. The project puts real faces to history, offering unique and intimate perspectives and bridging the gap between generations. Ideum’s immersive media displays will help users understand Voices from the Front and feel comfortable initiating conversations.

“Ideum is excited to collaborate with partners on a unique exhibit that will allow museum guests to truly feel as though they are holding live conversations with people who experienced World War II,” Hasselbacher said. “We are particularly excited about the unique interface challenges that this project will pose.”

“Preserving the personal accounts of those who served and sacrificed in defense of our freedom during World War II is at the foundation of our mission, and having these men and women share their stories with visitors firsthand has long been a hallmark of the museum experience. Now, Voices from the Front will take this storytelling to a new level, allowing guests to continue to have their conversations — through the power of AI — with members of the WWII generation, even long after they have passed,” Stephen Watson, President & CEO of The National WWII Museum, said. “This powerful addition to the museum will give visitors the ability to authentically connect with these individuals, creating an effective way to carry on their memories of the sights, sounds, terrors, and triumphs of the war for generations to come.”

The creation of the exhibit will employ approximately six New Mexico crew members.

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Year: 2023

Project Type: Digital & Interactive Media

Status: In Production

Producer: StroyFile, Jim Spadaccini

Director: Stacy Hasselbacher