Pollo Loco

Production Announcement

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New Mexico Film Office Announces

Short Film, “Pollo Loco,” in Production

Santa Fe, NM - Amber Dodson, the New Mexico State Film Office Director, announced

today that the short film, “Pollo Loco,” began filming in December, in and around


The film is being directed by Derek Bauder (“For the Music”) and Ben Escobar

(“Morning”), produced by Escobar, Bauder, and Giancarlo Beltran (“Better Call Saul”),

and stars Beltran, Bauder, Sheypan Draus (“American Pie”), Emily Hernandez (“Bang

Bang Betty”), and Jorge Rodriguez. Set in modern-day Albuquerque, “Pollo Loco” is a

suspenseful crime drama that follows drug dealer Pollo Loco as he navigates through the

aftermath of finding out his girlfriend cheated on him. The story explores the complexity

of his situation with his girlfriend and others involved, including his brother.

“I am very excited for my directorial debut in New Mexico because of New Mexico's

diverse landscape and unique feel,” Bauder said.

The production will employ approximately 16 New Mexico crew members and 4 New

Mexico principal actors.

For more information, contact dd23productions@gmail.com.


Year: 2022

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Post Production

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