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Production Announcement

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The New Mexico Film Office

Announces Rude Girl is

Currently in Production in New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. – The New Mexico Film Office today announced the short film, Rude Girl, produced by Pink Gator Films LLC, is currently in production in New Mexico.

Production is taking place in October 2021 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“Rude Girl is one of the projects that received support from the 2020 Senator John Pinto Native Filmmakers Memorial Program. As a Native American from Zuni, and influenced by his tribe’s storytelling tradition, Joshua Zunie is part of the movement to push stories of Native culture onto the screen in an authentic way, including ensuring that Native cast and crew are integrated throughout the project,” said Amber Dodson, Director, New Mexico Film Office. “We are thrilled to see the results of the Senator John Pinto Program through the lens of this inspiring project.”

Rude Girl, starring Shawnee Pourier (Seeds), David Midthunder (West World, Woman Walks Ahead, Hostiles, Longmire) Joshua Horton (Army of the Dead, Better Call Saul, Day Break), Zachary Wade, and Jayde Martinez (Flamin’ Hot, Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar), is the story of a half Native American and half white teenager dealing with identity issues who visits her grandpa Lee in the spiritual world, only to realize she is a superhero.

Rude Girl is directed, written, and produced by Joshua Zunie (Bad Boys for Life, The Kid, Better Call Saul, From Dusk Till Dawn, Independence Day: Resurgence, Law and Order: Los Angeles). Fellow producers include John Ward (Messiah, Bluf City Law, Monsters of God, Jane Got a Gun, The Condemned 2), Jhane Myers (Skulls-Predator 5, The Wilds, Monsters of God, Wind River, The Magnificent Seven, Apocalypto), B.A. Carter, Marisa Page, and Kelsey Landon (Ember, Debt Men, Dying Breed, Crystal Pines).

“Rude Girl pioneers and presents a heroic story about a current day Native American woman in the genre and universe of superheroes. The New Mexico Film Office, along with the Senator John Pinto Native Filmmakers Fund, has been a magnificent supporter in making the film shine,” Zunie said.

The production will employ approximately 40 New Mexico crew members, 5 principal actors, and 5 New Mexico background and extras.

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About the Senator John Pinto Program:In 2019, legislation in honor of the late New Mexico Senator, John Pinto, was passed. The program provided a total of $100,000 through 20 $5,000 grants to Native film students and filmmakers living and working in New Mexico.


Year: 2021

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Premiered

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Studio: Pink Gator Films LLC

Producer: John Ward, Jhane Myers, B.A. Carter, Marisa Page, Kelsey Landon

Director: Joshua Zunie

Cast: Shawnee Pourier, David Midthunder, Joshua Horton, Zachary Wade, Jayde Martinez

  • Albuquerque