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New Mexico Film Office Announces Interactive Digital Media Production of Interactive Game Experience

Santa Fe, NM—New Mexico State Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the production of Taking Care Experience, an interactive digital media game about health and the human body, will be created in Corrales.

Produced and directed by Stacy Hasselbacher, the Taking Care Interactives will be designed for a large Midwestern museum. The experience will feature a game that uses motion tracking to encourage user interaction with projected objects. Additionally, it will provide an engaging educational experience, allowing users to learn about the human immune system by assuming the roles of various body aspects and combating pathogens.

“Ideum is pleased to partner with museum colleagues in the Midwest to create fun learning opportunities,” Hasslebacher stated. “By making the interactions lighthearted and compelling, we hope museum visitors enjoy their experience and take away important lessons about human health and wellness.”

The creation of the exhibit will employ approximately six New Mexico crew members.

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Year: 2024

Project Type: Digital & Interactive Media

Status: In Production

Producer: Stacy Hasselbacher

Director: Stacy Hasselbacher