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New Mexico Film Office Announces Second Season of the TV Series “Absolutely Albuquerque” Begins Filming

Santa Fe, NM – New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the second season of the “Absolutely Albuquerque” series has begun filming through May.

Directed by Joaquin Manuel, produced by Tyler Pavey in collaboration with Inspirado TV, and starring Amanda Machon, “Absolutely Albuquerque” is a TV show about Albuquerque, NM. It showcases the city’s food, fun, and culture with various guests and is featured on Very Local, the only streaming service offering 24/7 access to local news, weather, originals, and more. A subsidiary of Hearst Television, Very Local is the exclusive streaming home for local news from all Hearst Television news stations serving 26 media markets.

The production will employ approximately 20 New Mexico crew members and 9 New Mexico principal actors.

For more information, contact tyler@inspirado.tv.


About Inspirado - Inspirado, founded by veteran commercial director Richard Farmer and partner Keagan Karnes, is a transformative force in the Southwest film and production industry. Anchored in Albuquerque, NM, Inspirado is not just about making films, it's about myth-making and innovative storytelling. The company's roster of directors, editors, and creative minds collaborates to craft award-winning commercials, TV shows, and independent films. Guided by an unwavering Southwest ethos and a passion for boundary-pushing creativity, Inspirado is not just reshaping the world of visual storytelling, it's inspiring a new generation of storytellers.


Year: 2024

Project Type: TV Series

Status: In Production

Producer: Tyler Pavey

Director: Joaquin Manuel

Cast: Amanda Machon

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