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Production Announcement

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The New Mexico Film Office

Announces Saving Faith

is Currently Filming in New Mexico

SANTA FE, NM - The New Mexico Film Office announced today that the short film, Saving Faith, produced by Luckystory Productions, LLC and Las Cruces based PsychDesert Productions LLC, is currently in production. Filming will take place in midOctober 2021 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Saving Faith is a short story about a highly successful Wall Street stockbroker and atheist, Bill Stewart, who is permanently injured from a previous accident while driving intoxicated. Two years later, Bill attends his first Alcoholic Anonymous meeting the morning after having caused the death of the driver of another vehicle. Bill is forced to grapple with his past, which now haunts him, and challenge his current life philosophy — or accept a higher power that might save his life.

Saving Faith is directed by first-time director, Randy Messersmith and Jordan P. Jordan (La Cita, The Clapper, Favor) and produced by Randy Messersmith, Natalie Streander, Angel Sanchez, Jordan P. Jordan (Numb) and executive produced by Ross Marks, Dan Good, James K. Bogert, and Derrick Michael Mendonca.

“The beautiful St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Las Cruces, NM is the perfect location for this film, which takes place entirely within its interior. The people of St. Andrews have been nothing but warm, welcoming, and adaptable. There is a high level of above- and below-the-line talent in the Las Cruces area that will be utilized in this project,” Messersmith said.

The production will employ approximately 6 New Mexico crew members and 6 New Mexico principal actors including Randy Messersmith (Intersect, Paul’s Promise, Missing the Banks) and Zoë Yeoman (Raising Buchanan, Holiday in Santa Fe, Indemnity), and Ramona King (Power in the Family, All the World is Sleeping, Interrogation), Ed Benson, Jessica Jimenez, and Nick Check.

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Year: 2021

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Post Production

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Studio: Luckystory Productions LLC

Producer: Randy Messersmith, Natalie Streander, Angel Sanchez, Jordan P. Jordan, Ross Marks (EP), Dan Good (EP), James K. Bogert (EP), Derrick Michael Mendonca (EP)

Director: Randy Messersmith, Jordan P. Jordan

Cast: Randy Messersmith, Zoë Yeoman, Ramona King, Ed Benson, Jessica Jimenez, Nick Check

  • Las Cruces