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The New Mexico Film Office Announces Feature Film “Killer Kafe’” Begins Production in New Mexico

Santa Fe, N.M. - New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the feature film “Killer Kafe’” is filming in and around Albuquerque in December.

“Killer Kafe’” is directed by Keith Jardine (“El Paso”) and stars Brendan Fehr (“Night Shift”), Majandra Delfino (“Roswell”), Raoul Trujillo (“Blue Beetle”), Keith Jardine (“Godless”), Tait Fletcher (“Mandalorian”), and Lara Cunningham (“Book of Eli”).

The film follows a fugitive serial killer who finds himself ensnared in an unyielding situation. Initially reveling in the challenge, the killer's psyche begins to fracture with time. As the boundaries of his reality blur, he struggles to maintain a grip on his sanity, leading him down a spiraling path of madness.

“I am immensely proud to create this story and spotlight New Mexico’s remarkable talent in the film industry,” Jardine stated. “Equally, I am deeply humbled by the overwhelming support from our close-knit film community.”

The production is set to employ over 70 New Mexicans, including 45 resident crew members, 23 resident principal actors, and 4 resident background talent.

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Year: 2023

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: In Production

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Director: Keith Jardine

Cast: Brendan Fehr, Majandra Delfino, Raoul Trujillo, Keith Jardine, Tait Fletcher, and Lara Cunningham.