Tucumcari Tonite

Production Announcement

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The New Mexico Film Office Announces Student Short Film “Tucumcari Tonite” Filming in New Mexico

Santa Fe, N.M. - New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the student short film, “Tucumcari Tonite,” filmed in and around Santa Fe in March.

The film follows an estranged young woman living in a closed Rt 66 motel in Tucumcari, NM, who returns home to Texas to be with her dying father, who abandoned her as a child.

Donna Wells (“Horse Shelter Diaries”) will direct and produce the film. Tara Brinduse, Kristine Cornils, Kimberly Kiegel (“Waco”), Jane Schwartz (“InBetween Girl”), Stu Goswick, and Mark Morris are set to star.

Wells stated, “My film is about loss, loneliness, and forgiveness. Timing is everything, especially when you don't have much time left.”

"New Mexico's film tax credit program isn't just about attracting big-name productions, Dodson stated. “Our film incentive program is designed to be inclusive of filmmaking at various talent levels. Whether it's a budding New Mexico filmmaker's independent film or an Oscar-winning director's next masterpiece, New Mexico is where filmmakers bring their story to life."

The production will employ approximately 15 New Mexico crew members, 5 New Mexico principal actors, and approximately 4 New Mexico background talent.

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Year: 2024

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Post Production

Producer: Donna Wells

Director: Donna Wells

Cast: Tara Brinduse, Kristine Cornils, Kimberly Kiegel, Jane Schwartz, Stu Goswick, and Mark Morris.