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New Mexico Film Office Announces Interactive Digital Media Experience Begins Production

Santa Fe, NM - New Mexico State Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the production of a digital and interactive museum experience was created in Corrales.

The production is set to increase a museum’s access to its natural resource collections by creating a digital touch-table experience that utilizes a custom digital solution and content management system.

The experience incorporates photography, video, and 3D models of natural resources from the museum collection allowing visitors to browse the collection in a playful, interactive, exploratory manner.

“Ideum, Inc. is delighted to partner with this client on creating an exciting interactive experience,” Alex Scarpitto, the project’s producer said. “This addition to the museum will give visitors access to the rich collection of priceless artifacts, offering an interactive journey through its history. By merging technology and education, this experience perfectly aligns with our commitment to making learning thrilling and informative. We cannot wait to see the wonder and curiosity this experience sparks in the museum's young and old visitors as they delve into the complex natural history of the area.”

The production employed approximately six New Mexico crew members.

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Year: 2024

Project Type: Digital & Interactive Media

Status: In Production

Producer: Alex Scarpitto

  • Corrales