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New Mexico-Based Creative Technology Company, Ideum Inc., Produces Multimedia Projects in New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. - The New Mexico Film Office announces ongoing multimedia projects currently in production in Corrales by New Mexico creative technology company Ideum Inc.

Projects currently in production:

Hall of Wonders is an interactive media exhibit currently in production. The gallery is an extensive exhibit space that explores issues of land management, conservation, and wildlife for the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas. The existing 20-year-old gallery will undergo a major update.

The Ideum team is working closely with the zoo to reimagine the exhibits in ways that update its look and feel, introduce new interactions, and provide novel engagement for zoo visitors. Phase 1 involved working with the zoo team to concept and design all of the exhibition’s updates and the project is now moving into the fabrication/production phase, with an anticipated opening in late 2023.

The project is produced by Dennis Bateman. “The gallery refresh project is an exciting opportunity to reimagine strong exhibits in updated ways. New and integrated technologies can bring concepts to life in ways that are more vibrant and create greater personal connections for zoo visitors. We look forward to rekindling visitor connections with these compelling wildlife stories,” Bateman said.

The production is employing 7 New Mexicans.

NMDOT Welcome Kiosks is an interactive media project currently in production through October 2022.

Ideum is creating dynamic and updateable interactive kiosks for four welcome centers across the state to showcase the New Mexico True Brand and utilize the NM Roads data to show road conditions and routes to local attractions. Visitors will interact with up-to-date, rich-media content and connect with activities and uniquely New Mexican points of interest that fulfill a promise of adventure in the Land of Enchantment.

Produced by Rebecca Schrekengast, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Ideum Inc., the project will employ 4 New Mexicans.

The Digital Galleries is an interactive media exhibit currently in production in close coordination with a major university library.

Visitors will explore historic content in new and unique ways via two exhibits and one web resource. The interactive media exhibit will include an interactive touchscreen which allows visitors to explore photo albums, a large format projection of a curated selection of stereographs, and a companion web resource that allows visitors to view supplementary information online by scanning QR codes that are displayed with media throughout the space.

The project is produced by Jim Spadaccini and employs 4 New Mexicans.

Memory Care Interactive is an interactive media exhibit currently in production.

Ideum is working with a local healthcare group to design and program custom interactive activities for senior citizens in the Albuquerque area.

These interactive activities will provide patients and residents with a broad range of fun and challenging games, designed to prompt and reward engagement and maintain and build cognitive skills.

The project is produced by Stacy Hasselbacher and employs 4 New Mexicans.

The Donor Recognition Experience is a new digital media piece that creates an interactive experience for visitors to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Albuquerque.

The software features playful and exciting interactive methods to acknowledge the contributions of donors in ways that will be both compelling and informative. The software will be customizable and can support updates to show the expanding contributions of patrons over time.

The project is produced and directed by Rebecca Schrekengast, Chief Experience Officer (CXO), and employs 4 New Mexicans.

Mars Colony is an immersive experience sending visitors ‘deep underground’ in a Martian Lava Tube with interactive experiences and exhibits representing a future Mars Base.

Ideum has been working closely with the team at Utah’s Clark Planetarium, as well as with a specialty rockwork fabrication company, to design, build, and install these elements, completely transforming a theater exit hallway into a one-of-a-kind engaging and educational experience.

The project is produced by Dennis Bateman and will employ up to 15 New Mexicans.

Museum Model Exhibit is an interactive model with a projection-mapped surface to help tell stories at a major civil rights museum in New York City.

This digital set will help tell the story via a model complete with software-controlled LED lights and projection mapping, two ultra-wide touch displays, and an LED tile wall.

The exhibit is produced by George Hardebeck and is employing 12 New Mexicans.

Wine Tasting at Sea is an interactive media experience that allows guests traversing the seas in a state-of-the-art cruise liner to explore the far-flung locales that originated the diverse and vibrant wines on selection in the tasting room.

The interactive wine tasting program occurs on custom touch tables. Utilizing Ideum's unique Tangible Engine framework, once the wine glass is placed on the touch table the digital program reveals tasting notes, maps, and media.

“We are so excited to create a custom interactive digital wine tasting for cruise ship passengers. It is a unique opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind experience and match innovative design and technology with quality wines from one of Europe’s top winemakers,” Jim Spadaccini, Founder of Ideum, says.

Directed and produced by Jim Spadaccini, Founder of Ideum. The project employs 12 New Mexico residents.

Completed Projects:

Justice Quotes Interactive.

Working with a social justice and arts group in Dallas, TX,

Ideum created an interactive media exhibit to showcase quotes and passages by great African American figures both current and historical.

Ideum Founder Jim Spadaccini says, “This exciting interactive project helped illuminate important issues concerning equality and human rights. It was a privilege to be part of this project.”

The project employed 3 New Mexicans.

Science Center Human Anatomy Projection Project: PHASE 2 is a room-sized interactive projection of the human anatomy for a new east coast science center.

This is the second phase of the project, the detailed design phase, in which Ideum created and tested the dynamic digital representations of human anatomical systems for projection on a massive scale.

Directed by Jim Spadaccini, Ideum Creative Director, and produced by Stacy

Hasselbacher, Ideum Executive Director, this Phase employed 10 New Mexico residents.

Mapping Policy in the EU is an interactive kiosk experience that highlights major contributions to data privacy in the European Union.

The kiosk features interviews, case studies, and major milestones in policy history.

Directed and produced by Jim Spadaccini who stated, “This interactive educational experience allows visitors to learn about major policy changes over the last two decades and get a glimpse into the evolving future of social media.”

The Interactive Media Kiosk project employed 5 New Mexico residents.

Environmental Center Pre-Production and Planning.

Ideum worked collaboratively with a midwestern Environmental Center to create a robust concept design for an immersive and interactive exhibition experience with Great Lakes ecology at its center, highlighting how people and institutions are making a difference. Cutting-edge, digital experiences will set the center apart from its regional competitors.

The center will engage, inspire, and motivate visitors that come in person, as well as those who participate through digital and educational programming online in a collaborative pre-production and planning process.

Ideum employed 6 New Mexicans for this phase of the project.

History Museum.

A California history museum is embarking on an exciting expansion to its collection. They envisioned a new interactive exhibit that will increase return visits and engage with new visitors, expanding their reach and impact. The Ideum team partnered with the museum to bring this new interaction to life. They started with concept design during the past summer and then moved into detailed design and development during the fall. The team debuted the experience at the reopening of the museum in December 2021.

Produced and directed by Ideum Founder Jim Spadaccini, who said “We are delighted to team up with the history museum to develop both an interactive exhibit for the museum floor along with an interactive mobile application that allows visitors to explore historical photos out in the community.”

Ideum employed 4 New Mexicans for the project.

Exploring the Universe includes two experiences for the International UFO Museum and Research Center to further expand the experiences at the museum.

In "Crash Landing," visitors press a big red button and experience an immersive emergency landing, complete with a 3D video experience and surround sound. "Galaxy Explorer" allows visitors to explore the solar system, galaxy, and greater universe, searching for the signs of what makes sentient life viable across the universe.

Directed by Ideum Lead Technical Artist, James Romero and produced by Ideum Founder

Jim Spadaccini, the project employed 10 New Mexicans. Jim Spadaccini stated, “The UFO Museum project was a lot of fun and we produced some really exciting interactives. The crash landing immersive environment is a theme-park-like experience and we were thrilled to take part.”

The New Mexico Film Office has released Back2One, a catchall set of principles, general recommendations, and resources for film and television productions operating during COVID-19. Back2One recommendations and other COVID-Safe Practices can be found at

About Ideum:

Ideum is a 21-year-old digital design firm based in Corrales. Deeply rooted in the museum field, the firm has worked with museums across the globe to develop cutting-edge digital exhibits. Ideum develops touch and touchless hardware, designs and fabricates custom exhibits, and develops interactive software.

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Year: 2022

Project Type: Digital & Interactive Media

Status: In Production