Mother Road/Good Time

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New Mexico Film Office Announces Grace Potter Music Videos Wrap Filming

Santa Fe, N.M. – New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the music videos, “Mother Road” and “Good Time” by Grace Potter, have wrapped in Albuquerque in April.

Directed by Catherine Fordham with Ghost Dance Films, written and produced by Jessica Leonard, line produced by Reinhard Lorenz on behalf of Albuquerque-based Inspirado LLC, and lensed by Drew Levin, the music videos feature a vignette-style narrative inspired by the diner scene in “Pulp Fiction.” It entails archetypal visual moments and characters from the iconic scene.

“I am excited to return to New Mexico for this music video!” Grace Potter stated. With her signature hands-on approach, she was directly involved in storytelling, casting, art direction, and costume.

The production employed approximately 40 New Mexicans, including 30 resident crew members, 9 background actors, and 1 principal actor.

“Mother Road” premiered on YouTube on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

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Year: 2023

Project Type: Music Video

Status: Premiered

Producer: Jessica Leonard, Reinhard Lorenz

Director: Catherine Fordham

  • Albuquerque