Production Announcement

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The New Mexico Film Office

Announces the Feature Film Knight

is Currently Filming in New Mexico

SANTA FE, NM - The New Mexico Film Office announced today the feature

film Knight, produced by Knight The Film LLC, is currently in production.

Filming will take place from late October through early November 2021 in Las

Cruces, New Mexico.

Knight is the story of a seasoned cop who foils a robbery and must save his

daughter in the process.

“Las Cruces is quickly becoming a location of choice because of the stunning

locations, and supportive film office, but most importantly, because of the

ability for productions to take full advantage of the competitive film incentive

that New Mexico offers by shooting in an uplift zone,” Amber Dodson, director,

New Mexico Film Office, said.

"We're thrilled to welcome Knight to Las Cruces. It will showcase some great

Las Cruces locations and employ a large number of crew and background

actors," Las Cruces Film Liaison Jon Sepp said.

Knight is directed by Ed Drake (Broil) and produced by Corey Large (Broil, In

Like Flynn).

“The team of Knight is very excited about filming in New Mexico,” Drake said.

“We heard great things about crew and talent in New Mexico and of course the

tax credit helped make it an easy decision to move the production here from


The production will employ approximately 50 New Mexico crew members, 10

New Mexico principal actors, and 200 New Mexico background talent.

For any additional information on the production, contact

All film and television productions in New Mexico are required to adhere to the

state’s operative emergency public health order, associated public health

restrictions and COVID-Safe Practices.

The New Mexico Film Office has released Back2One, a catchall set of

principles, general recommendations, and resources for film and television

productions operating during COVID-19. Back2One recommendations and

other COVID-Safe Practices can be found at


Year: 2021

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: Post Production