A Long Road to Tao

Production Announcement

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New Mexico Film Office Announces

“A Long Road to Tao,”

to Begin Filming in New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. - New Mexico State Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced

today that the feature, “A Long Road to Tao,” will begin principal photography in October,

in and around White Sands, Mesilla, Las Cruces, and Hatch.

Directed by Filipino-American Alex T. Carig and produced by Michael Allen, “A Long Road

to Tao” is based on a true story and adapted from the internationally acclaimed book,

“Tao of Surfing; Finding Depth at Low Tide.” Worldwide dual-sport pro-athlete turned

actor, KC Deane ("Cash Collectors," "The First Circle") and Jason Bernardo ("Lonesome

Road," "The Gentle Art") will star.

“A Long Road to Tao” is a story of best friends, Dayne and Lance, who mysteriously lose

touch with each other and then reunite when Dayne discovers Lance is dying of AIDS. A

journey ensues as spiritual enlightenment unfolds, showcasing the unseen and seldom

understood worlds of Native American spirituality, Taoism, and the mystical teachings of


As Director Alex Carig writes, “I believe cinema is not just entertainment, it provides the

opportunity to enlighten the audience to see their lives differently.”

“A Long Road to Tao” partnered with NMSU's CMI [ Creative Media Institute] to enable

select film students to work on our feature film. Being able to work with these film

students has been a dream come true,” Michael Allen, producer and co-screenwriter,


"The Creative Media Institute at NMSU is a leading driver of talented filmmakers in the

Southwest. We are grateful to creators like Michael Allen and Alex Carig for providing an

opportunity for our local film students to show off their skills and become better

filmmakers with hands-on experience," Jonathon Sepp from Film Las Cruces, said.

“The Creative Media Institute is excited to partner with Michael Allen and Alex Carig to

provide both educational and professional experiences for our students and alumni”

Professor Sherwin Lau, Director of Photography, said.

The production will employ approximately 24 crew members, seven New Mexico principal

actors and approximately ten New Mexico background talent.

For more information, contact alongroadtotaofilm@gmail.com


Year: 2022

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: Post Production

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