The Stress Is Killing Me

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This project has notified our office that they have completed principal photography.

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Parent Company
Tom Carroll
(505) 699-4616

Production Company
The Stress is Killing Me LLC

NM Production Office
Brian Mangas
(469) 236-4339

Post Production Accounting Office
Tom Carroll
(505) 699-4616

Production Announcement

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The New Mexico Film Office Announces Feature Film “The Stress is Killing Me” has Finished Filming in New Mexico

Santa Fe, N.M. – New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson announced today that the comedy, “The Stress is Killing Me,” finished filming in Albuquerque.

The film tells the story of eight college friends who reunite at their 20th reunion from college, which happens to be the University of New Mexico. Their careers are successful, but frustrating, and they spend a week together trying out new jobs, only to figure out they like what they do in the first place.

“The Stress is Killing Me” is written and directed by Tom Carroll (“Big Bad Budget,” “Who Stole the Tasmanian Devils?”), produced by Brian Mangas, and features an ensemble cast of eight actors, five of whom live in New Mexico. Grayson Berry (“Cobra Kai”) has a feature role. Other actors in the ensemble with featured roles include Lisa Lucas, Barry Landers, April Hartman, Crystal Thomas, Theron LaFountain, Matt Page, and Carly Christopher.

The crew includes Colemar Nichols as director of photography, Row Sarkela for wardrobe design, Elijah Kelly for production design, and Lex Lotito as first assistant director.

“This has been a great opportunity to showcase both quality crew and actors in a feature film highlighting eight people who graduated from college and returned for their 20th reunion,” Carroll said. “We have great talent here and I wanted to showcase that talent.”

The production employed over 50 New Mexicans – 35 crew, 15 background, and 5 actors.

The film is scheduled for release by the end of 2023.



Year: 2023

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: Wrapped

Producer: Brian Mangas

Director: Tom Carroll

Cast: Grayson Berry, Lisa Lucas, Barry Landers, April Hartman, Crystal Thomas, Theron LaFountain, Matt Page, Carly Christopher